ICB Advanced

Typically, telemetry integrated tii – this refers to energy accounting. For these purposes, I usually apply its specially designed equipment, although in recent years, developers of systems robot trying to combine all these features into a single complex. But now is not much history. MKT-1, MKT-2 Maybe it's you nothing said. And this time some of the most popular remote control systems, used in the energy sector. There are even older, but even I did not see them. All of these devices consisted of a set of modules, which are based transistors. Chips did not contain. Nevertheless, for its time it was advanced domestic equipment, and allows remote control, monitoring of alarms and measurement. True in small quantities. Increasing the amount of information took place only at the expense of additional installation of one more of the same complex, etc. A little later came complexes telemetry (TM), ICB-3, TM-120, trs – 1 and the like. The main element base of this equipment are the chip. To date, in Many power utilities this equipment is still in use, although the display device used by more modern devices, namely personal computers with advanced software. The main disadvantage of such systems, like the previous ones, is the low rate of exchange of telecommunication data between mp and cp. Besides the large number of blocks and connectors increases the possibility of an elementary failure contact of any module and to make disruption of the complex as a whole. But such problems are usually difficult to detect.