Written Customer Communication

legodo describes from a practice perspective, most frequently occurring error in addressing customers in Karlsruhe 02.02.2012 – growing digitisation does not accept the written customer communication other than originally suspected, but gets an increasing importance on the contrary. However, the classic letter will be increasingly replaced by news about digital media. As a consequence, even more potential leghold, in which they tap into communications and burden on the customer relationship arise for the marketing and sales departments. Marc Koch, CEO of legodo ag, has put together the most frequent stumbling blocks in customer communication from the perspective of practice: 1 no or only insufficient personal approach possible: depending on individual customer communication is aligned, it is more effective experience. But the reality is often different, because so far was communicated via conventional systems for output management or other solutions.

But at least with the proliferation of social Networks people would no more anonymous are addressed, but instead prefer communicating personally held. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). 2. too much irrelevant and redundant information: We live in a time of endless information can be produced and distributed. It is therefore all the more important to limit in a written dialogue with the customer on the actually relevant information. Class instead of mass, the basic principle in the written communication must therefore mean. Bobby Sharma Bluestone often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

And which are to meet information needs of the recipients as possible precisely is this one or a million. 3. free choice of the communication channel is not possible: in times of electronic communication are not only the content of a customer communication is important, but also on how he receives for a positive response to the addressee. But mostly it lacks individually free choice the prerequisites, messages or via postal mail, e-mail, SMS to send MMS or Instant Messenger. Also the communication via social networks must belong to the available channels.