Wireless Camera

When selecting a wireless camera, it is very possible that you want one that is resistant to all kinds of situations. By the same, it is likely that you are interested in weatherproof cameras. In this article we ensenaremos the best way to determine the degree of resistance of these wireless cameras. This is very important because a security system is a great investment and we want it to last. With the intention of determining that as strong are these wireless outdoor cameras, it is necessary to revise its number of foreign protection (Special serial number), in the majority of cases this number, it is composed of 2 to 3 digits that indicate that they can both withstand, elements as beatings, movements and humidity. Usually the first digit of the external protection, indicates that so tough is the security camera at objects solids such as dust and insects. If the first digit is a number 4 this indicates that the camera has a basic protection to foreign objects measuring 1 mm or more.

If it is a number 5, then say that the camera has a higher protection against dust, if you have a number 6 this represents that the camera is totally resistant to dust. The second digit of the number of external protection, comes to represent the level of protection that has the camera against liquids and moisture. A number four represents the camera is resistant against water spills, if it is a number 5 this represents that it is water-resistant, a number 6 represents that the camera is water-resistant and that it can be dipped temporarily to water, if it is a number 8 means that the camera can be immersed up to 2 meters for long periods of time. If the numbers you see in your camera are zero and one mean that the camera has a 01 rating can be assured that if an a 1 kg object falling copper camera, this is will not be affected. We continue on as solid objects can damage your wireless camera. To determine if your camera is ready to sportar impacts of solid objects, have to see which is the number of the digit of the camera rating. This number regularly varies between 0 and 6 in summary, before you buy a wireless camera, you should follow the following steps, note the first digits of the ip camera and analyze if it is suitable for you, you will be using the camera somewhere where there is a lot of dust? 2. pay attention to the second digit of the serial number, think really need a camera that can be submerged under water. Etc. If you want more information of these wireless cameras or want to buy a camera wireless please visit our Web site.