Web Site Idea

Idea Nro. 1. Of the possibility for people to sign up for free for your own electronic newsletter by voluntary subscription. You will have noticed that every day a growing number of electronic newsletters, you will therefore need to give additional incentives to make people subscribe. Are you a digital book? A report? Or a software perhaps? Create a newsletter by voluntary subscription will allow you to be in constant contact with your target audience.

The costs of producing one are minimal and the best thing is that it is very easy to start one. Everytime you communicate you with your subscribers, you have the potential to send them to your website, increasing traffic to pages of the products or services you want to promote. Additionally, given that you will be in constant contact with them, you’ll be reminding them of your existence and eventually will generate trust and credibility needed to make you buy. Idea Nro. 2 Of your visitors content free.

Its contents (articles, books, etc.) they will be more attractive to your visitors if it offers them up-to-date material and ORIGINAL. You can also give the possibility to allow people to publish them on their respective web sites or in their newsletters. Don’t forget that at the foot of the signature, where places its data of authorship, can place the address to your web site. This strategy will, give you flow of constant traffic and various sources to your site. My recommendation: authorize others to distribute their articles, provided you do not modify it and respect copyright and give a live link to your page. Idea Nro. 3. Create a resource directory inside of your website. There you can include reviews or links to e-books, newsletters, web sites, etc. If the people who find your directory find value, have security that will return again and again to your website.