VISA Virtual Computer Seller

Dear visitor, let's talk today about an interesting software products – 'VISA-2000 – Virtual seller of computer equipment. " How long have you picked up a new computer in a computer showroom? Do you remember how much trouble and messing around with piles of paper price lists? VISA-2000 will help solve all these problems. Using it is easy to choose the desired configuration of your computer. Although of course the main purpose of this program – work does not end user, and in the computer lounge – for the selection of configurations, printing invoices, inventory control, etc. The program has a clear, intuitive interface. The initial choice of sales (Retail, Partner, Diller) determines the pricing policy – in a database of components it is possible to determine the three kinds of prices. Select the configuration you can either componentwise, either already finished the basic set of models.

Prices of goods can be set in usd (Default currency for databases), and in any other currency, the name and the course of which the dollar is set by yourself on the main page. You can also define account and the amount of vat, enter your customer, etc. In additional functions exhibited a certain percentage mark-up shop, as well as the number of kits sold. Button for 'Journal' hidden log file in which recorded data on all sales made. On separate tabs of completing the program, you can choose a specific model of your product (quantity, if the product includes a feature).