United States

Approximately 5 years ago I live in USA. I was born in Cuba and at 20 years let my country, family and friends to live here. If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi. I have a job and a good pass economic, but the distance with loved ones is of things more difficult that I had to assume. Until a friend told me the new GooberCall application which described how Simple, useful and inexpensive. And so it is!, the GooberCall application is installed on your mobile phone and allows you to make as receive calls from any place wherever you are at a really low cost. Entering in you can sign up and receive the software via SMS on your cell phone with the No.

146985495 coupon and a balance of US $2 that the company gives you so that you can begin to enjoy the GooberCall immediately. This is a software that works with almost all models of cell phones and that doesn’t are generally the more old, GooberCall has an option to call landline. For this you have to call to a local number and then dial the desired number and press #. A great advantage is that then we can schedule this number it for quick dialing. Depending on our mobile phone company we can also save on the cost of the local call.

My cell phone contract gives me the benefit of choosing three numbers which I call free. I chose the number of local access of Goober and thus only payment the cost of Goober and know exactly how much I’m going to spend. Apart from the option of registering numbers for quick dialing, GooberCall also has access to the cell phone directory. The GooberCall account is like using cards you prepaid, once loaded the account you are discounting as calls are made and the balance can always be checked. Another big advantage of this system is that several people with different numbers can share a same balance, for example: families, friends, or employees of a company. 3 Months ago I am user of GooberCall and indeed find it useful because I can make and receive calls. Simple because with only enter in page and register me had the software on my phone and with a balance to start using when I would. Economical because since I have GooberCall I am in contact with my family without having to worry about costs. And the amazing thing is that I’ve saved a 96% on calls! Rates from the us to Cuba are the following: from U.S. to Cuba to network fixed 75 cents. To register go to and using the coupon number 146985495 two dollars will be credited them.