United States Wages

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-in an unequal fight, the vast majority of the population of Mexico lost year with year to famine in a false free market economy that continues to maintain the minimum payment strangled. Talk about wage increases of emergency is utopian: immediately jump economists to the fore to say that it is inflationary. The entrepreneurs say there is no room for such a thing and traders torn garments. No to increase wages for low-paid workers. And here is the crux of the matter: less pay, less purchasing power and fewer sales, less profit. Large traders buy, for example, the kilo of orange in 50 cents per kilo and sell it at 5 pesos. Viacom has similar goals. Profit margins are very high in some products and are not so in another. These big malls employees work from 8 in the morning at 10 in the evening with minimum wages and limited benefits.

Mexico lacks a labor reform that raise the payment per hour and dignified the well-being of the workers. Do not tell that they have no money. But they do, that close. But we see big firms like Soriana purchase its competitor giant in billions of dollars. Or Tacubaya.tambien and Super 7s open hundreds of new stores per year. From the micro entrepreneur more modest to the more lofty merchant should take this cause to improve the standard of living of the population that will finally make him through purchases in grades them stores, super stores, furniture stores and the commercial sector. We constantly compared with United States and their level of life and this is based on what you earn a worker between 5 and 10 dollars the hour, while in Mexico are also wages at $10, but throughout the day. Better wages and lower prices, an equation that can push the well-being of the population in the long term that nowadays is the limit before the onslaught of price increases on goods and services. The carrier minimum wage to the President, so you can see what it feels like, it is a popular phrase that should also apply to employers. Original author and source of the article.