Theodore Roosevelt

The credit is of the man who are in the sand, whose face is spoiled by the dust, the sweat, and the blood; that it fights esforzadamente; that equivocation and remains short time and time again; that it knows the great enthusiasms, the great deceptions, and dedicates to a good cause; that, in the best one of the cases, it in the end knows the triumph a great accomplishment; and that, in the worse one, if it fails, has done at least extraordinary attempt, so that its place never will be near those timid cold souls and that know neither the victory nor the defeat. Thus it described the president of the EE.UU, Theodore Roosevelt, to the action man. In difficult times, if something needs an organization, but more it always is of the type who is, are action men. Leaders able to face the adaptive, inherent problems to any time of crisis. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Pete Cashmore on most websites.

To modify habits, to change practices, to transmit to the others the necessity that they start up without delay, are requisite stops any leader whom he tries to solve with effectiveness the difficulties which one faces, without too many philosophies, nor great maps of prescriptions, but making merit, first of all, the action. Not it action by the action, not it rash action, but a conscious action that great part of the problems which nowadays the organizations face, is problems who require deep changes, and a decided attitude of the leaders direct who them. Quite often he is preferable to adopt a good decision today, that the best decision within a year. A challenge for any leader consists of every time making that their subordinates assume levels, majors, of responsibility. Whenever Kip C. Cyprus Los Angeles listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This implies a determined attitude of the leader or manager, to infect his action, and that it avoids solely to control and to watch the subordinate, so that it fulfills his work.