The Subjects

In the first contact with them it was observed that the majority of the educandos was repeating, and that few took taste for the substance sciences, for it to possess many concepts terms that many times are difficult of being remembered. By this reason a way was considered the group to teach the form contents that they could learn what he was being debated in the lessons. Practising the Reading in the lessons of sciences Believing that the reading in the lessons of sciences is a method of assisting the pupils in the understanding of the substance, the work carried through with them during two months used texts that contextualizavam the contents with ours day-by-day, so that they could better understand the subject human body. The professor must have conscience of the necessity of if using methodologies that facilitate to the pupil the attainment of the knowledge, through texts not only brought for the didactic book and yes to go beyond, using reviewed, periodicals and Internet to complement the didactic resources that will allow that educating reflects on a fact or an event, taking them to make it questionings on the boarded subjects in lesson. The subjects worked in this group had been cells, fabrics and digestrio system.

‘ ‘ It is impossible to sensetize the pupils for the reading, if the professor does not have the habit of ler.’ ‘ (HENGEMHLE, 2004, p.136). Being thus it was placed in practical by the educator, what it would be demanded of the educandos, the reading of the materials, searching texts that contextualizavam with the substance that would be given in lesson. 12 taken off texts of sites had been used to introduce the subjects and others had been elaborated with the theoretical recital of each content.