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Duration of full-time is always limited in time, and the teacher most of the time allocated is busy setting out the material. Therefore, for full-time training the student has no opportunity to ask the teacher some questions and get answers. With distance learning, the student is fluent with the teacher. distance EDUCATION: None psychological deterrent to the activity of learning. Programs 'electronic' training can make and correct mistakes without fear that they might see someone from the outside. The more the student opportunities to make mistakes until he learns to analyze and correct them, the more experience gained during the process of learning, and practical knowledge of it. Teacher, not occupied by the presentation of material, control bugs and lack of understanding of students and time corrects.

If distance learning can not hide behind the backs of others – none of the students are not ignored, because the distance learning students to communicate with each teacher, and communicates to the result, but not with the group from start to finish. 6. modern technology education in AUDIENCE: "Mel and the rag" – this, of course, universal means of knowledge transfer. These funds can be successfully used in teaching in many subjects. Pythagoras did not even have these tools, and was forced to settle for sliver, drawing its geometric shapes in the sand.

We, obviously, far ahead of Pythagoras in all technologies and technologies, knowledge transfer, including: "chalk, green board and a rag – it's certainly progress in learning compared with tools used by Pythagoras in the 6 th century to the" ad ". However, it continues today to this technology to remain effective – when the window 21? In the age of reproduction equipment and information technology, the need for notes from a lecture – is perceived as an anachronism and discredit the school. Claiming that people remember best when recording – very cunning. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pete Cashmore. People to remember a lot better when applied knowledge to solve practical problems. Distance learning: Computer technology training in many cases – better than traditional methods of knowledge transfer, development of skills. Learn a computer – much more interesting than an empty audience with the board on the wall. Listen to someone as looking at the speaker's rights – not the most the best way to obtain information – has excellent multimedia technology. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. And the adult literate person reads much faster than he says. Moreover, learning the computer, You can return any number of times to have gone material. And the audience is impossible. "Reading out" material, "notes from a lecture – it is ineffective training. Material must not be fixed in summaries, and active work with him. Thus, it appears that distance learning – is not part time, and independent learning, and learning from the teacher, using modern technologies, under full control, with individual support. If you are offered a choice of two learning options: "full time" or "remote"? – What do you choose? I am without a doubt choose distance learning, and only remotely, like a more comfortable, cost is much superior to full-time for all, without exception, the parameters, especially when it applies effective teaching methods and systematic approaches to the study activities.