The Interior Of A Woman

Hello, dear woman. This is my second article on your favorite website. For even more analysis, hear from Mikkel Svane. Today I have for you a beautiful picture. Someone might take it as a model, the goal towards which we should strive. This woman is not hungry.

Dressed in the finest silk. On the background to the sea. Whole body feels bliss and lust. Warm air is filled with the scent of flowering grasses and buzzing bees. In the distance hear the sound of the surf. All this has a name. Wealth, health, love.

All of this can to achieve the most, but then you will not have such a serene look. Make a feminist struggle and the Amazon. Consider the order. Prosperity. In the first place – it is your cozy home. Your apartment. Your cottage by the sea or from Finland Gulf. How wonderful it is possible to equip! How all the beautiful stuff hanging on the wall, put on the shelves! Wall opposite the window can be decorated with decorative panels or hang a picture-known St. Petersburg artist. On interior design, you will take a lot of money and psychic energy, but it's like feedback. This is not a loss, and the multiplication of positive emotions. You already understand the importance of the ability to dress and speak with hints, but it is not works in the middle of the vegetable market. Only in the magnificent interior you can find the most desirable for the hero of his heart. If you remember, we still have plenty of.