The Freedom

Any that is the structure, the management of people must facilitate the multiprofessional interphases between the areas, the organizacional learning (management of the knowledge) and the operational effectiveness of the services. The formation of abilities to lead multi-functional people and teams (teams of high performance) also facilitates the way for the operacionalizao of the strategies. The leaders learn to prosper the team together with, to deal with the differences and individual diversities, to have sensitivity before the adversity, to motivate its followers and to clarify the objectives to get best resulted the possible ones. To create the ways so that the people can get best resulted the possible ones is consequncia of the abilities to lead people and equips, however, the true source of competitive advantage does not meet in these ways, but yes in the systems who apiam and inside guides the freedom of the organization. For even more details, read what Mashable says on the issue. How much to the valuation of the human capital, some of that if they had become reference in the management of people they had adhered to practical of the quality of life in the work as the model of management, implementing managemental and technological improvements and innovations, making of this practical a fact of personal and organizacional excellency. The perspectives of Management of People in organizations of services, according to cited arguments, orient it the creation of the competitive advantage and to the organizacional efficiency through the creation of structures that allow the operacionalizao of the strategies, of the formation of abilities to lead equip of high performance, the excellency in the attendance and the quality of life in the work. These perspectives of management make about that the organizations are more worried each time in having high indices of quality in the results at the same time where they promote action of maintenance of the spirit of equips and of the motivation of the employees. .