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So spiritually speaking, this morally correct character, was very sad because the was also very rich in works of justice. That is why Jesus, seeing that he had been saddened much said:!How they shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of God those who have riches! Not physical wealth, but eclesiastico-espirituosas. Because it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle, a rich man from entering the Kingdom of God. And those who heard this said: who, then, can be saved? To which Jesus said one irrefutable truth: for men this is impossible, for God everything is possible.1 is impossible that men may be saved to fulfill to the letter all the commandments. But for God it is possible to save men through the perfect life of Jesus.

Jesus perfectly obeying each and every one of the commandments of God from Belem to Calvary. Jesus lived in our place and Jesus died in our place. It is true that by accepting Jesus as our it sublime Immaculate substitute, our lives will change, loving the good we want to do and abhorring evil that we don’t want to hacer.5 However, this moral change has no value to obtain eternal life, but that is the result of being saved in Jesus. In fact, in the eyes of God, the unjust life of the profane is like manure and the righteous life of humans is like inmundicia.6 cloth, 7 only just and perfect life of Jesus Christ is as pleasant perfume and more valuable than all the treasures of the universe. Only perfect justice emanating from Jesus is accepted by God as the only thing that we need to inherit eternal life.

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