University Education

Is urgent given the reality of a decline in higher education some of the deterioration of academic excellence, seek measures, actions that rescue that ideal operation that must have universities and where the State is committed to helping them, provide them with the necessary contributions that motivate its members to provide their abilities, skills, knowledge, such shape always this guaranteed academicism and favouring the State of them. Should not harass the State universities, suffocate them and abandon them in their budgets, them you must ensure and provide the salary fair, worthy of those who assist in the training and training of its professionals, which are part of the University, should support them in their management, meet their obligations and avoid that the discouragement that much damage has caused him to universities, until the end, affect its operation efficiently manifests, and impair the academic excellence… In an interesting analysis on higher education of the country, Jose Albornoz reminds us to consider the concepts of the new paradigm of higher education: higher education is a unit of knowledge intensive production, the new ethic of knowledge leaves his liberal aesthetics and is associated with a new notion, the institution as an appendix to the needs of the higher education market accepts as technological pattern virtualization in the process of communication and knowledge production not is only necessary to speak of the knowledge society, but this concept is outdated since it is essential to speak of intellectual capital as a sector and of the economy and the productive apparatus productivity factor signa function of the academic profession, as in the cases of the PPI. To know more about this subject visit Castle Harlan. Talent selection is imposed as the pattern in terms of income and graduation of students makes more complex the training of students, who must be able to access universal, as the English languages and computer science, in the latter case to be able to adapt to virtualization of universities and higher education in general knowledge and its acquisition and production cost increases as essential the problem of management (regestion /)Reengineering) of higher education and the problem of management from a new point of view, since it is not manage personnel and payroll, students and a resume, but that in both cases it is handling the management of knowledge, of knowledge, since management is intangible and externalities is abandoned the notion of the existence of independent and autonomous units, but to be the notion of systems, multicampus, of the global University on the basis of the network as the Group of 21, the first group of excellence at international level in terms of academic quality can talk about the handling of two antagonistic concepts that I have applied to the Venezuelan society and its higher education: hyperlearning hypolearning, contrasting realities of dramatic qualitative differences, as are those that occur for example, between universities such as Universidad Simon Bolivar and the Universidad Simon Rodriguez, or the unique and spectacular case of San Fernando de Apure, where hallo operating the concept of the hypolearning.