President Chavez

There is much oil, gas and water from through. Uribe, is staying single, and if that is the figure of the re-election, he will have to submit to the political domain of benemerito Juan Manuel Santos, who is the executive arm of the Narco Colombian oligarchy. Juan Manuel represents, against the departure of Bush and the Republicans from power in the United States, the guarantee of the Ultra right, to establish a point of destabilization in the region. Increasingly fades alvaro Uribe’s political role in the region. For the Narco Colombian oligarchy, Uribe has been too much times humiliated by President Chavez, could not maintain successfully to Plan Colombia. He failed to put in check the Venezuelan economy, not conto exceeded or excessive reliance on the Colombian economy of petroleum and of Venezuelan gasoline.

Neither has been able to link successfully Chavez with Colombian guerrillas, in order to justify American intervention in the region. For more information see Pete Cashmore. Uribe, did not disguise the dependence of their legislators and officials of his Government of drug trafficking and groups paramilitaries. The Obama Government sees as a threat to its international policy, the narco Uribe’s Government and want to establish some political distance, although not dismantled the ideological vicinity that still persist between the narco Uribe’s Government and the far-right’s entrenched Bush at the State Department, next to the Lady of gelatin Hilary Clinton. President Uribe is bare, as would say it Hans Christian andersen, in the tale the Emperor’s new clothes. Uribe is seemingly devoid of support from the U.S. Government.

Perhaps this Government of Barack Obama, which bring it once and for all to American justice, for their involvement with drug trafficking and the AUC Colombian paramilitaries. The President has been stripping and has shown us its different facets, or rather the different roles that had to comply by mandate of the narcos oligarchs. Cuando were to look for the Rascal to the Castle, they had disappeared with all the money, jewels, gold, silver, and silks that they had been delivered to tailor the dress of the King. The deception had taken effect and the King was desnudo (Hans Christian Andersen). Now the necessary permanent re-election speech are presented with suitable. Now if it is helpful to the dictator of Colombia speak of another re-election. They need thoroughly cleaned out and one of the options that you have, is the leave to don Alvarito got into the problem, to give the face of all those massacres that always were supported in those false positives. What is urgent now is clean hands of the Minister Don Juan Manuel santos, because it represents the only electoral alternative of the Narco Colombian oligarchy. The people never forget! Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera.