Telecom Engineer

Upgrade to DSL 50000 easily possible? Time for the announced appointment appeared a Telecom Engineer and did his part of the necessary steps for the conversion fast and friendly. Subsequently, it was only to read the quick guide easy to understand for the connection and the configuration of the new router free of charge provided by 1 & 1 and execute. About ten minutes later, slow with the new DSL 50,000 connection went online. Hear other arguments on the topic with Leanne Marchevsky. The blue from Montabaur make any compromises regarding quality and reliability of the hardware. The DSL 50,000 connection was provided for free a Fritzbox 7390. Only the shipping costs of around ten euros fall for the high-quality router as 1 & 1-customer to.

The device itself is safe to call flagship of the House of AVM. This is confirmed by test reports. A first speed test revealed an average download speed of 22 28,000 kbit/sec. In the upload achieved 2850 4700 kbit/sec. The readings are the result of Windows settings for the previous DSL 6000 connection. After entering for DSL of 50,000 newly calculated values for Windows shows the Speetest 43500 now 48380 kbit/sec. for the download, in the upload 8144 8815 kbit/sec. The measurement shows how (default) settings in Windows on a DSL connection can affect.