Iron in different sources point to bury metals, for example some wire, Palisade to Earth give you. My grandmother remembers that before they threw nails or screws rusted near orchard and sometimes they nailed them to the harsh bark of a tree. Cafecolocar coffee residue (solid) on the surface of the Earth (stirring a bit to to mix with the Earth) or dissolve it in water and irrigate with that solution is useful for the plant. Do not abuse.According to the blog alternative lives, provides nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, also contains magnesium and copper. Prepared liquid fertilizer with fruits, vegetables and grasses is the fermentation of these products in water, ideally, you should select those that are rich in nutrients and vitamins and achieve some variety.

Picked six kilograms of remains, is cut into small pieces and placed in a container and add sugar (ideally a kilogram) for that ferment (as it is done with the fruit so that it releases its juices). The recipe also appears with the measures reduced to half (3 K and 500 g) by what measures can be adapted. Stops at rest seven days and then the liquid is filtered. Applied every 15 or 20 days, diluted with water to a ratio of 1 to 20. This is perhaps the least viable, not by size, but by the time that should be expected. In my experience was always me difficult to do, because it is difficult to explain to other inhabitants of the House that there is a bucket with remains of fruits and vegetables by fermenting (for them languishing), only I could perform it correctly two times and, sometimes more, I interrupted the process before the week they recommend, so the result was much lower.

By way of closing in these notes we try to give an introduction to different methods of Subscriber, We focus on those that can perfectly be conducted in an urban garden, because the space and materials are not a difficulty. It is highly recommended to do so. Its importance is seen in how it improves the appearance and production of plants. In my experience you can check how the more I use them best are my crops, give more fruit, larger reach, etc. And I corrobore something you had read that the Subscriber is a way to solve the lack of space. On the other hand, it also allows to reuse waste cooking or plants. So it also has ecological benefits. In the case of the urban gardens in small spaces, it is a good solution for recycling resources that, for lack of space, we cannot use for the compost bin. And above all is justified because but only is resorting to chemical products made by large companies.