Network Shopping

Addis Network, a leader in eCommerce solutions, has given to learn about a new free service to their customers. It is the integration of any online store with Google Shopping: the new Google tool to find information about products, features and prices. The service offered by Google Shopping to Internet users is to be able to find out and compare products and prices before making a purchase online, at any store that has been previously integrated. But, beyond the interest of the user, Google Shopping is very useful for retailers since it is an effective way to give greater visibility to the products of their virtual shops. Robotics takes a slightly different approach. Thus, companies that sell online can have a double Showcase: on the one hand his own shop virtual and on the other hand, appear on Google Shopping results.

The main advantage of this tool is, in short, that multiply the possibilities that an article for sale is found by an Internet user. From now, new customers of Addis Network who want to put in running a virtual shop will count, for free, with this new service. The Valencian company integrates this tool from Google to optimize their clients online sales. Addis Network carries out projects of electronic commerce for companies of the stature of Universal Music, Loewe, Rusticae, Lola Casademunt, RACE, Ninco and Happy Movil, among many others. More information at.