Domestic Devices

In a previous article we talked about the shells. Changes in the sanitary area touched and toilets. By the same author: Elad Gil. Now they are mounted on two bolts and replacing toilets ceased to be an agonizing problem. In addition, the emergence of flexible hoses for the supply of water and plastic pipe to drain the toilet drain allows you to move in the right place. A huge variety of models will allow you to make a choice, focusing both on price and the color, design and dimensions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Energy Capital Partners London by clicking through. Average size of the bowl along the length of 650 mm. Finnish firm ido offers a shorter model Trevi E, whose dimensions 595h355h785 mm.

Let's start with the domestic toilet, or, as they are called – compacts. Cheapest Domestic cd can be purchased for 650-600 rubles. The more expensive can cost up to 800-1000 rubles. In plumbing stores you can find bowls of the joint Russian-Italian production costs about 100-120 dollars. According to sellers, they use very large demand. Several more compact production Bohemia. The price range for them – from 140 to 200 dollars.

Czech sanitary ware perfectly familiar to us. He is of good quality and quite satisfactory in design. In addition, it has been historically designed for the Russian conditions. In some cases, Czech compacts are devices dispensing water that may become relevant in the near future with the introduction of water meters for each apartment. These devices generally have two modes: normal – 4 and economical – 2,4 liter, which corresponds to the sanitary standards for residential premises.