The Revolution Of Apple – The New IPhone

What is a cell phone, an iPod and a Surf tool all in one? Sure – the magic word – iPhone is the pride of Apple. More information is housed here: Robotics expert. Let us briefly return to the CEO, had once announced to the board of Apple, the iPhone will revolutionize the mobile market as the Apple and the computer mouse the IT market and the iPod MP3 player market. Great sounds, the Apple is because of themselves. How about a look behind the scenes of the iPhone? Let’s get started: 1 The telephone The telephone calls with the iPhone is first a little getting used to. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. There is only one button, and this is the Home button. everything else is displayed on the giant screen. Who here wants to call someone with greasy fingers, it is hard because of the touch screen. 2nd Listen to music …

is so simple to use as an iPod. How many MP3s fit on your iPhone comes, not on the trim level, for which you have chosen in the iPhone store. 3rd Go surfing only via GPRS network. Great features such as the Magnifier make surfing a pleasure. 4th Price The market price according lie Shop iPhone expected to be $ 499 for the 4 GB version and $ 599 for the 8 GB version. A princely sum for a hi-tech mobile phone functions stripped.

5th Battery life … the big shortcoming of the iPhone (for now). However, to market to this problem to be solved. The colored giant screen attracts enormously to the battery performance. Add to that the wireless surfing and phone calls, which makes creating the additional battery. While there is a new built-in battery-saving features, such as the display goes off as soon as one considers the iPhone to your ear. All in all, it is clear that Apple once again with a product in the market is that the masses move and above all convinced. Already, there is the iPhone partner in America, AT&T, over 1 million registered buyers.