Memory Techniques

Continuing with our series of articles that will enter into an important context for the domain of the mind, we fall into the following questions: how I am studying? I apply appropriate study techniques? This is really easy answer based on the results we obtain after a long day of study, and we see that the effort has been enough, I find myself physically exhausted, a little red eyes, with sleep and other characteristics typical of a work of long duration.But, do indeed all these manifestations of our body, are reflected in our results of the study? We’ve fallen on several occasions in this terrible mistake. We invest a whole day to study, making efforts impressive without being able to obtain satisfactory results, and the cause of this is simple. Your mind has not been prepared to receive this information, you never alerting you that you wanted to receive and learn this information, only you felt and you started to devour sheet to sheet the book Guide. This is a mistake very common, because since our childhood, they never developed us mental warm-up exercises.So, exercises of warming mentally, as you do to prepare your muscles when you are going to start a routine at the gym, in the same way your brain must prepare to receive the information, must activate a process that allows assimilate all the information that you receive, you really don’t know how effective this is, we can improve more than 50% in less than 2 months and up to double with a constant training. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. You are going to feel satisfaction, you’ll leverage your time and really learn what you need. These are techniques of study that are geared to your main tool, your brain. You identify with what they read above? Do not you despegues then we will publish step-by-step exercises that you must perform to see results and get the best techniques of study. We want to know your opinion, do not forget to leave a comment..