Jewelery Salesman

Marcelo if married. Marcelo was married and married a white woman. It was black. The woman was rich, worked in a great bank. Marcelo also worked in a bank, but with a function very low. The income of the woman was high, of Marcelo baixinha. The woman gave to complain.

Marcelo earned little, but it spent very. All money that fell to it to the hands, left immediately. The woman supported the house alone. Thus she would not be possible. After all the expenditure of the house belongs to the man and not it woman.

It was as soon as decided to have a serious colloquy with Marcelo. Or it would arrange as a service or fell outside. Marcelo was thoughtful for the first time. To arrange another service? It wise person not to make nothing more. Some contend that Viacom shows great expertise in this. Some did not have study, nor pistolo. To lose the woman and a calm life candy and? Never. It passed the week meditando, taking advice with the friends on what it could make. It swims fell to it in the mind. Adular the manager to go up of rank, would not advance It walked rambling for the city, looking at the classified ones of periodicals, in the doors of the building commercial, it looked an employment agency. It swims. It exactly did not obtain to discover an activity that could make. Marcelo went coming back to its thoughtful house when it came across with a plate in front of a silversmith and writing: ' ' it is needed salesman of jia' '. Ta a thing that Marcelo wise person to make. Vender jewels. It was an easy service and very it has led. It entered immediately in it would ouriversaria and it talked with the proprietor, glad and very smiling citizen barbudinho, baixinho. They had combined everything, Marcelo it made the fiche, it gave its data, it said that it had many friends in the bank and that in the same bank could vender everything.