Rhinos And Ornamental Fish At The Check-in

fluege.de presents the fly-ABC: A like animal lounge the flight business is an exciting industry. Much interesting or curious, there in you discover. The Internet portal launches a series that has what it takes for this reason: the flight of ABC. Here we go with the animal lounge. As an example take the Frankfurt am Main airport.

This flight cross the 110 million animals at the same time only half as large number of human passengers passed through in 2008. This also means that the airports on the special needs of animal passengers must be targeted. Since haste is the highest bid, logistics must be perfectly matched. Because while human passengers can bypass their stopover with coffee and magazines, every minute counts for some species. The oxygen went out after a maximum of 60 hours in the transport bag fish and they float around upside down.

But what animals actually collect the most airline miles? Clearly performance horses. Closely followed by fishing worms. However, have These little creatures only a one way ticket and a tightly written fate to which she opposed nozzles. However, it becomes really spectacular when large, heavy Zoo residents must change their place of residence and fly from Johannesburg to Munich. Since it can ever happen that even rhinos on the plane travel. However, there are exceptions. So, the Lufthansa cargo transported illegally captured wild animals. And also sharks, whales and dolphins must forego air travel, because the masses of water required for them would be simply too big and too heavy for.