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What do I need in construction financing? Berlin, may – the realization of own real estate dream requires adequate construction funding at the most builders. But the differences in the various offerings are not only in nominal interest rates. It is perfectly-cut construction funding involving relevant facts, which are as important as the interest rate. Ultimately, a cheaper rate with an otherwise inflexible funding contract uses little if personal circumstances change. How can a meaningful comparison be done? To find the individually optimal construction financing deal, the prospective client should worry first to the exact design of its financing.

Of crucial importance is the personal assets and income situation. Gain insight and clarity with isearch. For example greater capital inflows expected (E.g. life insurance, bonuses etc.)? Is the current income situation for the next few years to assess consistently? Capital reserves exist for possible extraordinary stresses during the repayment period? Who don’t know exactly what burdens to bear in the future, has no leeway under circumstances more if there is even an unexpected capital requirements. Makes sense to compare construction financing, the requests at the different vendors with identical key data should be placed. In particular should be defined during the request clearly: the amount of loan interest period amortization rate special repayment options more flexible requirements (E.g. adjusting the amortization rate etc.) Offers are based on identical data can be now compared and if necessary to optimize. Of course, also, it must be checked whether promotions claim can be included. Learn more on the subject from Energy Capital Partners. Why is the individual crop it so important to? Some of the design possibilities (in particular agreements to flexible adjustments to special redemptions and repayment records) more expensive construction finance something – the credit institution collects an interest-rate premium for it often. Still can be count on this: changes for example the income situation cannot be customized through job loss or career change, and the monthly burden, this can cause the loss of real estate in the worst case.

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Market commentary January 23, 2014 / our expectations for the growth of the world economy are optimistic about market commentary January 23, 2014 / our expectations for the growth of the world economy are optimistic due to the positive signals from the U.S. economy. In Europe, a recovery is emerging. A divergent development on the one hand, we see the upward trend in the United States and Europe, and on the other side of the recession in emerging markets. The world economy is expected to grow as a whole. Therefore, we expect good stock returns. We see bonds rather skeptically. Flowers that does business in the United States economy of the United States and Europe to find a development characterised by growth.

She should grow in total in the course of the year to about three percent. Accordingly 250,000 new jobs will be created on the labour market monthly that, what a represents 25 percent compared to the previous year. The driver behind this recovery is a loose monetary policy: 2013 monetary policy were no longer tightened so much as for 30 years. The banks will the boom continue to support in the form of increasing lending to businesses and consumers. Also the European economy is growing if not as stable as in the United States to a maximum of one and a half per cent. 2014 is a transitional year on the way to the consolidation of Europe. Skepticism in emerging markets in emerging markets, above all China, is twenty percent credit growth much too high compared to the economic growth, which has a rate of twelve per cent including inflation.

We predict that the emerging economies into recession slide. While we appreciate that the growth of China, currently seven and a half percent goes back to six to six and a half percent. 2014 good year for shares with the overall positive development of the world economy at a glance the investment in shares on the basis of a sound stock pickings can be recommended. The stock market returns should move analog to the projected earnings growth at eight to ten percent. Facing investors in bonds 2014 probably again a severe year. Here you can We believe that good yields obtained only in corporate bonds. Bo Bejstrup Christensen, Chief Analyst at Danske invest about Danske invest: Danske invest is the brand name for mutual funds of the Danske Bank Group. Assets under management amounted to EUR 58 billion and is divided into more than 300 Fund. Investment focus among others on Scandinavian, European and global stocks and bonds. The Danske Bank Group is in terms of total assets, the largest financial services providers in Denmark, and is one of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic region. The investors come from Scandinavia, the Baltic States, the Republic of Ireland, Germany and Luxembourg.

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AL subsidiary of Inca Beteiligungsverwaltungs Wiesbaden, 28.02.2012. CHP plants offer the possibility of effective and flexible electricity and heat supply. Especially for larger companies they are a sensible alternative to dependence on municipal utilities. As a consequence of the great need for Hochtief founded a cooperation for a needs-based mobile and decentralised electricity generation, as well as hot water energy management, a subsidiary of Hochtief solutions, with the AL Augsburg leasing and 2G-Energietechnik. Together with its partners, Hochtief developed the cogeneration in container construction. The underlying full-service offer of an experienced partner is unique in Germany.

Hochtief energy management plans, builds and operates the cogeneration while AL Augsburg the financing solutions leasing and responsible for the capitalization of the projects. 2G-Energietechnik in turn is the manufacturer successfully active for many years in this market segment Block heat and power plants. Through the cooperation, a solution adapted to your own needs, individual offered customers, which reduces energy costs and at the same time increased calculation security. It is also possible the power-heat coupling: so the power plants generate not only electricity, but at the same time heat, which can be used appropriately. For us are multiple interesting”such projects, says Tamer Zincidi, as spokesman of the Wiesbaden Inca group of companies. The AL Augsburger leasing AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Incas of Beteiligungsverwaltungs AG. To what most beneficial effect on the financing model and thus open up special opportunities to investors if it were a sure clear stringently calculable concept with strong partners.

On the other hand, the business principle is flexible, because the demand is greater than supply. Now we have”plenty of questions other, well-known corporations, showing great interest in the block heat and power plants, he says. “Last but not least Zincidi will also refer to the environmental aspect: the CHP plants allow to reduce the energy consumption and energy costs and a valuable contribution to the energy revolution.” The Inca Beteiligungsverwaltungs AG acts as holding company that specializes in the financing of innovative companies or projects. The refinancing takes place most of the capital market, offers the opportunity to benefit from the opportunities of this investment so private and institutional investors. So, the Wiesbaden-based company on the Stock Exchange issued a bond with the WKN A1K0XL/ISIN DE000A1K0XL0 to finance the activities of the AL Augsburg leasing Berlin. In the Fuggerstadt is investment subject of entrepreneurial participation at the same time. With the Fund concept Inca Green Energy has structured the Inca invest Geschaftsfuhrungs GmbH a participation offer transparent for all stakeholders.