Achieving Success

Really need the trouble, in order to find a friend? In my opinion, a true friend is known in joy, but not in distress. Why do I think? Let me explain. Think what a joy, a significant event in your life – whether all your friends are happy together with you to your success, acquire, achieve? I have friends. However, I noticed that he had a friend who is always willing to come to my aid – not very pleased by my success. Moreover – when I'm in result of study and work on themselves, began to change his life for the better, I felt a chill in our relationship.

So on what our friendship was based? Maybe I needed this man in order to enable it to anyone help? I think the one who helps gets great satisfaction from it and the debtor. Those who received help, get some relief and, of course, a sense of duty to his benefactor. In contrast, from childhood until now, we have maintain excellent relations with a friend who truly enjoys my success! By the way, this man never fails me and help – if any is really needed. Steve Wozniak usually is spot on. Now I have some new friends, and I noticed that they all have the ability to rejoice in my joy!