Spanish Album

The Spanish company Hofmann has become official partner of Disney and will begin to distribute its new product, the Disney digital album. Undoubtedly, this album can be a very original gift for the little ones of the House and can make this Christmas different to them. Disney photo album is like any other digital album company Hofmann (same quality, same formats…), the only difference is that you can decorate with favorite characters from cartoons from Disney for our children. Within the range of characters who offer us to decorate our albums we find Mickey, the most famous mouse of television, Winnie Pooh, princesses, which has both become fashionable among girls or different characters from the film Toy Story. As always, we will have to download the Hofmann program, and to thereafter, following a few very simple steps to customize the album to our liking. Finally, we will be able to buy it directly from this application and hit us in a period very brief to our House. If you are looking for an original gift for children, what better than a medium so original that allows them to remember in the future so precious childhood. The digital album is not the only product that we can decorate with the grounds of disney, also have cups with the most famous Disney or even digital calendars. Any secure personalized gift that will delight the little ones of the House so what are you waiting for give something original this Christmas?