12 Legend Of Martial Arts

VI TAO Valley Spirit never dies. Read more here: Skillz. It is the mysterious female. The door of the mysterious female is the root of the universe. Uninterrupted, continues its work without fatigue. a quien pose the strength and power who will win, the weak always have to kneel to the strong, the weak will descend from the weak ram the castle is located in Crystal, where they are inundated with a vast darkness, the bottom one shows the way gloomy torch the place, outside the castle seem to be glass for their constant brightness but inside, this fortified by stone and wood carvings. Walk the young warriors in their wake are a carved wooden door and the top of this, are in eastern and symbolism of the Ram name, open that door revealing a torch-lit room in a man's looks back of it, the road is likely to lead to the second door. – Farmers are welcome to the first door of the Guardian, they call me Ram. Discuss this figure that interrupts the path of Young.

– If we get through this door will be faster to get to the top, I will stay and fight this guardian. Warrior Responds Mono Tan Mio. The four warriors away from the room, leaving Tan Mio, stares at the Guardian Mono Guerrero does nothing to try to stop other young people. – Think peasant, and to stay you, they succeed in passing through the 12 gates. – First Guardian'll beat you and then follow my companions.