In the process of the construction of your House, take this traditional festival! Anyone who has ever built a House, or still is, knows the physical and mental hardships that accompany a during this period. As the first, critical time, when it comes to the financing of the project, followed by the creation of the site plan and talks with the architect, and construction is then it wants to contribute night shifts in the equity line progress of the construction project or must get angry due to unreliable service providers, missing or incorrect material. Construction the emotional lows, each client must undergo during the construction period is not always stress time, follow but always great highlights! A faster go ahead as expected good friends who actively with tackling, or construction phases where just everything runs smoothly. And the first event to celebrate the joyous events, is the traditional topping-out ceremony. The topping-out ceremony is celebrated whenever, when the roof of the building is built, and before the roof will be covered. For the builders, this festival is an opportunity to say the craftsmen, architects, friends and helpers “Thank you” and to demonstrate that an important stage of the House construction has been reached. The topping-out ceremony – ritual with tradition the topping-out ceremony is a tradition that dates back to the 14th century and includes various rituals: it is a custom that the building owner, strike the last nail of the roof vaulting itself. This is followed by attaching a Richtbaumes (often a young spruce) or a Richtkrone on the roof.

The tree or the wreath decorated with colorful ribbons. The master submits a verdict now. A judgment begins with the following verse, for example: all due respect with favor! Verhallet are the axe blows, falls silent is the garrulous saw; drum the Carpenter praise proud building, which rises to the azure, which arose under our master’s hand to all joy here according to how he just couldn’t really beautiful the wonderful. … Then he makes a glass of wine or one Drop bottle of booze on the ground.

The shattering glass should be interpreted as a sign of good luck for the builders. Thanks to craftsmen, architects and friends then invites ‘ the Builder a craftsmen, architects, friends and contributors to the construction to a snack and drinks. The Festival takes place in the shell of the House and can last up to deep in the (party) evening. The guests traditionally bring small gifts. A custom is to give it to, for example, the builders of salt and bread. Bread is to symbolize that the builders never unfortunately should hunger, the salt will help to wealth. As client should let take it not, to align this festive tradition. The one you show the craftsmen, architects and volunteers your appreciation and thanks for the services. On the other hand do yourself some good, if you leave the hustle and bustle for a night behind, turn off and on your home to celebrate in anticipation!