After this no longer seems such a radical attempt to establish "peace" in German 30's through the physical annihilation of the Jews as the existing "conflict of the pole." Maybe try and not successful, but a demonstration of how people are used to achieve "Peace" is available. "The ultimate goal for society," sometimes subjugates the will and mind of people to justify even the most atrocious crimes. There is no doubt that the people who most want peace and quiet, usually shout loudest: "Crucify him!". For even more details, read what Samsung says on the issue. Despite the fact that we live in an age of rights, freedoms and common sense, the psychological mechanisms of human thought and action have changed little. Another aspect of-war for resources, which is predictable and inevitable. Needs of humanity, with its number, grow, and natural resources are already limited. Have you ever thought that the war in Iraq was not a success (read: support for the Americans), largely due to the fact that America itself of oil to meet the needs of Americans was enough. Who knows what the outcome would be this campaign, whether oil is really in short supply in the U.S., and the population itself, in a panic.

What then to speak of exhaustion mineral deposits, timber, natural food, drinking water, finally? When your own children are starving, you will justify any violent action of his country and his government, as on foreground are already vital interests and survival. Who can say that it is immoral, if the opposite instinct itself? Even if (it should) take into account the interests and efforts of the international community to combat xenophobia, poverty, crime and disease on a global scale and elimination of conflicts at all local levels, as well as activities related to planning and equal distribution of resources, open-minded and naturally emerges the image of a single world government. Democratic? Well, really does not. Planning, distribution, control, single control device – the key concept of leaving the state totalitarian. Now another question: is this what they want and this is sought by those who argue for "world peace"? I have the courage to answer for them is unlikely. What did they identify ways of establishing this of the global "peace"? Vision only superficial signs of the phenomenon without penetration into the essence of it really does not give just the ignorance of his supporters and is not the illusion of a regular society that nurtures its ignis, and perhaps even poses a direct threat, preparing the platform for the next "great goal of universal"? PSNet nothing wrong with helping the poor, reconcile warring parties, treat patients, but also as a life according to principles of morality is different from preaching morality, and the active assistance neighbor is different from the active creation of new myths.

Earth Sciences

A special with great influence on the philosophy of this period importance above all literary-oriented educational movement of Renaissance humanism. > Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) was a German philosopher of the enlightenment. Kant is one of the most important representatives Western philosophy. His critique of pure reason marks a turning point in the history of philosophy and the beginning of modern philosophy. …

This includes his influence on the theory of knowledge with the critique of pure reason, but also on ethics Act with the critique of practical reason and the aesthetics with the critique of judgement. Font major also wrote Kant to the religions-, law and philosophy, as well as contributions to astronomy and Earth Sciences. > The enlightenment was a period in the modern Western philosophy. It stands for the attempt to eliminate ambiguity, by acquiring new knowledge to answer questions and resolve errors. Historically, is mainly political, scientific and social developments in Europe and North America since the wars of religion, whose achievements already in the 18th century were epochal regarded as one voice and speaks in different areas of the history of an age of enlightenment. Relevant in German Cultural area is the definition: enlightenment is the output of the people from his self-inflicted immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to control his mind without a line of another.”> George Santayana (1863-1952) was a Spanish philosopher, writer, and literary critic. Santayana is one of the most influential representatives of the American philosophy of the 20th century and is regarded as a leading representative of the critical realism. > The critical realism is an especially cosmological, philosophical and epistemological base position who assumes that a real world exists, which corresponds to the sensory perception, but (in contrast to the naive realism) by the way and not immediately and directly identifiable is the human perception, to what extent correspond with the phenomena resulting from the processing of human.

Michael Hartwich

The City bad Konig and the odenwaldkreis (district) now together with Asclepius as the Castle Hill Hospital were faced with the challenge to create appropriate building regulations because the intended area affected adjacent land and buildings for the new building of the clinic. The main issues are now resolved, the necessary demolition work and preparatory construction has already recorded with regard to the Asklepios premises. Health Minister Jurgen Banzer emphasized that private hospital operators like the promoted Asclepius Schlossberg clinic in bad Konig to an such extent of Hesse. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas R. Oberhelman. The State Government make no difference with regard to the sponsorship here, because for a good supply of it need all three pillars: private, municipal and non-profit free carrier. Banzer stressed that is in terms of the efficiency a lot of private carriers learn leave. Addressed to the staff of the clinic, said the Minister, they were in a particularly promising future business. This year Hesse EUR 250 million to invest in hospitals, plus 100 million euro from the hospital-economic program. Also Mayor Uwe Veit was pleased with today, especially, that it is jointly managed to bring this sophisticated bad Konig and the Odenwald District project now.

At the end of the efforts would pay off but the next two years would not always easy for everyone involved, even the residents; Veith thanked especially Managing Director Ulrich Schultz for his continuous efforts and efforts, not only in connection with the construction of the hospital. Chief physician Dr. Michael Hartwich finally entered the different possibilities of neurological rehabilitation. “This is still a very young subject, that still does not exist in many countries. Starting Monday (23), the clinic management for questions relating to the new or expansion has been activated a special service telephone number. Under the free phone number 0800 300 33 45 are in the time of Monday to accepted on Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm any questions about the new and answered.