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The concession will be 20 years plus extendable five. The contest will begin on 30 July and airports will be in the hands of the concessionaires for the spring of 2012. The Council of Ministers also approved the privatisation of 49 percent of Aena. Continue to learn more with: Dell. AENA airports has set the initial amount for the tender of the major airports in Spain. 3.7 billion euros will be the downpayment for Madrid-Barajas while Barcelona – El Prat will involve 1.6 billion. The concession will be plus extendable five to 20 years and these quantities may be improved by the tenderers. The competition, which will begin July 30 and ends in November, will tender 90,05% of the capital’s airports, for which the Council of Ministers today approved the creation of two concessionary companies. The remaining 9.95% will remain in hands of Aena, as well as ownership of all assets and liabilities of the airports.

The Council of Ministers has approved a second agreement that authorizes Aena to sell up to 49% of its capital. Deadlines, prices and percentages of these loans will depend on the market conditions. Building Minister and spokesman of government Jose Blanco, has highlighted the importance of the aviation sector for tourism in Spain and added that this privatization seeks to achieve greater competitiveness and efficiency. White has announced that it will seek an independent auditor that set the price. Characteristics of the tender the concessionaire shall have the right to exploit the assets and their income will come from fees and compensation for management services and airport spaces, in addition to revenues from commercial and real estate activity. The awarded shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of airports and will have to present an investment plan to ensure the level of quality of service.

Meet the deadlines, the awarded companies will fully pay for airports in the spring of 2013 after a transition period of three months. Companies must pay an annual fee in addition equivalent to 20% of turnover, with a minimum to come down from 150 million euros and 80 Barcelona. Madrid-Barajas had a turnover of approximately 1,050 million EUR s airport and commercial services. Barcelona – El Prat close to 550.

HARPS System

EFE is only 42 light years away from our planet. It could be a stable atmosphere and water, and is part of a system of six worlds that revolves around the star HD 40307. Its mass is at least seven times that of Earth and it is likely that you rotate on its own axis while it orbits around its star. An international team of astronomers has discovered a new potentially habitable Super-Earth only 42 light years away from our planet, according to a study to be published in Astronomy & Astrophysics. The Exoplanet, situated in a habitable neither too cold nor too hot area in which there could be a stable atmosphere, and water is part of a system of six worlds that revolves around the star HD 40307. The astronomers believed that that system was composed of only three planets too close to its Sun for host life, but discovered three more, including this super-Earth, thanks to more precise techniques of analysis of the data collected by the HARPS spectrograph the southern European Observatory (ESO) at La Silla, Chile. According to the study, whose principal authors are University Guillem Anglada-Escude German Gottingen and Mikko Tuomi, the British University of Hertfordshire, the most interesting of the three new planets is that lies farther from its star, similar to the existing distance between the Earth and the Sun. Its mass is at least seven times that of Earth and it is likely that you rotate on its own axis while it orbits around its star, so you could have a day and night cycle as well as our planet. According to Anglada-Escude, the star HD 40307 is a perfectly tranquil star, so there is no reason why this planet may not have a climate similar to the Earth. See more: discover a super-Earth that can be close to our solar system and habitable