Rudolph The Reindeer With The Red Nose

Who does not know the reindeer with the red nose? It hastily pulls the sleigh of Santa Claus, and this helps the children to bring gifts. Arup Sandra Akmansoy may help you with your research. But who knows, that Rudolph is really the result of an American advertising campaign? Already in 1822 appeared in the U.S., the first Christmas story with reindeer. In “A Visit from St. Nicholas” described by the American author, Professor Clement Clarke Moore that move eight reindeer sleigh of Santa Claus to the fully loaded: Comet, Dancer, Dasher, Cupid, Donner, Vixen, Prancer and Blixen. Only one hundred years later, Rudolph appeared on the Christmas scene, another American, Robert L.

May, 1939, the century-old company expanded to another reindeer, red-nosed Rudolph the same order. Rudolph Creator May, an Orthodox Jew, worked as a freelance advertising writer for Montgomery Ward department store chain. This had made it a tradition to distribute each year at Christmas time as a children’s book giveaway. The story of Rudolph quickly became Christmas Advertisers hit. The different, derided outsider Rudolph, who prevails against all odds and the “star” of the pair of Santa Claus is equivalent, not about the American ideal. The story: Rudolph is the son of Donner, one of the eight full-time reindeer. He is a “defect” born, a bright red nose, which makes him an outsider among the other reindeer. First, his father tried to hide the deformed child, but soon the boy is helpless exposed to the ridicule of the other reindeer.

want in a TV Series of 1964, he has only one friend, the elf Hermeyer, the dentist will take place as the other elves magic to toys. One Christmas evening, but it was too foggy for Santa Claus out there to deliver the gifts. Santa Claus, almost forced to cancel the gift delivery this time discovered, suddenly the potential of Rudolph’s red nose, whose appearance shows him the way through dense fog. Since then, Rudolph has a permanent member of Santas Troops, yes, even become an absolute star of the group. Despite the paper shortage during the Second World War the house dress the little book printed to 1946 times over six million. But not until May 1947, finally acquired the rights to his own creation, the way to an even wider dissemination of the history is cleared. 1949 wrote Mays Schwager Johnny Marks the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” sung first by Gene Autry, which launched an instant number one American hit parade and interpreted thousands of times in the sequence of different singers were (among others, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Ringo Starr, John Denver, Donna Summer …). After “White Christmas” Rudolph the song counts as the biggest selling song of all time. By the way: while in the U.S. are the Christmas reindeer team, there are traditional in Germany, deer that have taken over this task. They have in common is that they are rooted in pre-Christian myths: By whom is Thor, the god of thunder (remember you know the name of Rudolph’s father), a heavenly car control, which is pulled by two magic goats through the celestial storms. In Sweden, until the 18th Century, a goat, brought the Christmas gifts. Thus the origins of Rudolph’s story are as yet in old Europe.

Technical University

Biorobots prototypes for a new generation of robots are not people, and insects. They are small and strong, they move confidently, even upside down on the ceiling. While some electronics trying to copy the insects, other transform themselves into robots insects. He pressed a button and the 'bug' revived tangle of sticks and wires alive, begins to stir. And this is a mechanical device, and nothing more. But now go and do you! As soon push the button and motors start to buzz, switches – click, the joints are stretched, the six strong legs rest on the ground. As a result, the rectangular body, stuffed with electronics and flashing LEDs, centimeter by centimeter rises. It woke up! A pile of metal into a detalek being almost meters tall, surprisingly similar to the habits of the insect.

From a distance it is possible to take the huge ant. However, the prototype this miracle of technology (very expensive, by the way – it is 50 000 DM) served as yet not an insect, and so-called stick insects – Carausius morosus. He is much bigger than an ant, and therefore to study and imitate it easier. Neuroscientists from Bielefeld University (Germany) have carefully analyzed organs, muscles and nervous system of stick insects, and scientists from the Technical University of Munich on these data have created an artificial insect. However, here they are not original. In modern technology, everything is clearly defined trend, when the prototypes for the new generation of robots are not people, and insects.

BlueTooth HandsFree

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