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Where do I start a copywriter – the question you asked yourself and decide to definitely answer it. I'll help you. To begin to assess their capabilities in the preparation of literate articles. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kai-Fu Lee offers on the topic.. If this is difficult, you have two ways: first – to negotiate with someone who has a full order with the Russian that he will correct your article before sending it to the customer or a free market. The second option – to sit on the books for copywriters and disassemble Finally, these unfortunate rule of the Russian language. Incidentally, in the future, the ability to write error-free fun in handy – because you'll have to correspond with potential customers.

I doubt that they will be happy to see your mistakes in messages. But, basically, your case – what to choose. In the first case you will need to share with your proof-reader, while the second – enough to spend many hours in the self. The next step – to register on the stock exchanges articles. They provide an opportunity to earn from selling ready-made texts, or on receipt of the customer. Novice freelance copywriter, I would advise to write articles and put them in stores articles. So, you nabete hand in writing, and secondly, while you look for loyal customers something to sell – it will give you confidence in success.

By the way, an unshakable faith in their own success – a mandatory rule for a copywriter. Do not hesitate to yourself and all you get. On freelance markets, unlike stock exchanges of content, it is possible to take orders not only to fill the articles site. Here, subjects are much more widely – from web design to full marketing campaigns. Freelancers – this expanse, because everyone will be able to find a job that much. But competitors are also missing. Though, and earnings will be better than on the stock exchanges of copywriting.

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At first some theory. That is, ask yourself – Would you ask your question in the forum, where 10 people are registered (webmaster and his friends) and created two and a half topics? No? That's webmaster understands that. And even if the site has a high attendance, the forum will be 'dead', while it does not appear a sufficient number of messages. Therefore, webmasters are willing to pay to those who wrote the message and creates a theme for them yet not promoted the forums. Go to Castle Harlan for more information. Now put yourself in the place of the webmaster and think about whether you'll be paying for messages, uninteresting your visitors (like 'oh, cool site, found lots of interesting')? No? Draw your own conclusions;) Now, having understood that there are people ready to pay us, we shall find them.

Remember your objection about unfair and meager pay webmasters? These kinds of trouble and help us get around the system … we call it now, just the system. So. We checking in the system. And once we get access to a catalog orders webmasters. How? Very simple. Choose a site menu system tab 'author' and click 'Find Jobs'. Voila! Before us is a list of orders.

As desired can filter it. For example, to select only orders on 'mobile', or only those who pay for at least 10 cents. Filters are different. That order, which we liked, we are ready to press a button and 'get to work. " Now we see the address of a forum in which you want to leave a message.


An important step in my self-education has become an active part in various online conferences and webinars. So, I came across an interesting idea, the idea that I want to share with you in this article. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mashable. It seems everyone is looking TV ads seen Didzhus. I mean the advertisement with the slogan "All at once." It was she who brought the idea of finding a recipe how to make sure to get everything at once? – What does he say? – Most think, after reading these lines. Normally you should not get off the flight and fantasy to believe that there is a magic recipe that will give all at once. This is a procedure which will use a quick result, do not chikaya years. I have personally tested Several methods are designed for it and want to share moments and principles that I consider the most effective. At the beginning of a little philosophy.

What has the greatest impact on our lives? I went through a great long number of factors and as a result discovered three main ones: 1) thoughts (or thinking, a way of making you want to call it) 2) The actions of 3) Environment. These are the three main factors that determine the state of our lives. Notice I did not even write anything about the state of health! Returning to the classics. "Being determines consciousness, and consciousness determines being" I really do believe that thoughts are material. In this I am 100% agree with the idea expressed in the movie "The Secret" (I advise everyone to see.) But I do not perceive the materiality of thought as some sort of magic radio wave.