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Highly scalable billing systems to manage all clients on a single platform in Paderborn (Germany), April 5, 2011: Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, enables mobile operators to be one step ahead of the latest changes in the telecommunications industry. Mobile operators need to rely on fully convergent billing solutions, who handle the charging and billing of all services, all customer segments and all payment procedures. The real time capabilities must be the basis for accounting transparency as well as an increased customer satisfaction. The same applies to postpaid -, hybrid, and corporate clients. This is crucial especially for markets where the high-performance and real-time processing is a key element.

Real time capabilities provide an ideal solution for the replacement of numerous prepaid and postpaid old systems. Those new BSS/OSS solutions must be highly scalable – to over 140 million customers on a single Real time platform. As a result of the processing of the entire customer base on a single platform, thereby also postpaid customers have real-time capacity available. Of the flat-rate price system for differentiation through customer service a solution for mobile operators, to work more profitably is to reduce network costs while increasing the data services, the speed/bandwidth and the income. But how can they be reached? The essential point in this case is the conversion of the business model of the flat-rate pricing on the differentiation in the customer network service.

Here the challenge is, durchzufuhrenm the conversion without exerting at the same time adverse impact to the customer. This is now possible with real time-based, integrated BSS and OSS systems. CIOs and CTOs offers new sources of revenue, which can be accessed by creating a service capacity on the network basis with software-based support additional revenue through data services integration of OSS and BSS. CIOs, CTOs and CMOs need to work together because this innovative solution across in real time the entire BSS and OSS. Also allows these enormous prospects for marketing, as well as a substantial increase of the income generated by customers and channels. The real time-based billing enables additional revenue that clients increase their budget for session access. This opens up substantial revenue from free rides”, who use the mobile service provider as a bit pipe. The reduced need for additional network resources and the development of potential revenues from data services promises a positive development the mobile operators in the future. ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing with its excellent know-how in the area of billing and settlement Orga systems in real time is the pioneer in the field of GSM prepaid billing. Orga systems is focused on real-time-based solutions for customer billing and customer management in the field of mobile services. It sets regular milestones for its industry, to further expand its leadership position. In relation to the access speed is ORGA Systems’ high-performance database InCore, the currently fastest data technology worldwide. Mobile providers need future-proof settlement systems, which offer clear benefits for both services and costs. The fully convergent real-time billing platform TL gold guaranteed them a profitable growth. Please visit for more information. ORGA Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Eva Heumann Head of corporate communication