Literally orthodontics means "straight teeth". Correction of malocclusion is important not only in the cosmetic aspect, but also to prevent the development of strain of dental system – both congenital and acquired. They can lead to various diseases and cause psychological problems that adversely affect human social life. Pathology bite aggravates during gum disease, provokes caries because of the impossibility of adequate hygiene, leading to rapid abrasion. Developing dysfunction of temporomandibular joint, any changes which are difficult to correct. Modern methods allow for orthodontic correction, including a full range of therapeutic, periodontal, orthopedic and surgical treatment of teeth, with excellent results in both children and adults.

Consultation with an orthodontist can be a child, starting with a 3-year-olds. We offer bite correction by means of modern removable orthodontic appliances for children under 12 years old. Children over 12 years and adults performed bite correction with non-removable orthodontic appliances (braces systems). The following bracket system you can choose in our clinic, depending on their type and price: metal, plastic, sapphire, combined, 'Damon' system. Many patients can not be solved but the orthodontic treatment of teeth due to the necessity of wearing a long 'ugly glands' on the teeth. However, modern braces look very carefully, and ceramic and sapphire brackets are hardly visible on the teeth and even give a special charm to the same in Europe and America, aesthetic dentistry (as it relates to treatment in braces) is considered a very prestigious and is even sign of affluence.

African Americans

Noticeable tan appears not immediately, at least four days. * Third type of dark-eyed, brown hair or dark brown, but light skin. This is mainly from Central Europe and Russia. They have an average level of melanin and their skin reacts to slight reddening of the sun, which then turns into a tan. People of this type are well tanned, but their skin is exposed to light burns. People of this type can spend in the sun without any consequences for 20-30 minutes. In Otherwise, an unprepared skin may cause sunburn. The result of ignition is also seen at least four days.

* Type 4 dusky skin and dark brown eyes – this is the portrait of Representatives this type. As a rule, people east or representatives of the so-called "Mediterranean race." They can tan up to 40 minutes or more. With the proper preparation of the skin to soak up the sun, they can increase residence time in the sun. However, these "lucky" tan is beautiful and smooth, almost no burn. * 5th type The representatives of this type of dark hair, brown eyes and very dark skin – usually it's Indians, Indians northern Africans.

They are easy to tan, darker intensity – can get chocolate for three days, never burn. The fact that their skin already has some pigment. But, being in a hot and very hot climates such people to protect the skin should be on the alert and the first two days in the sun use sunscreen with a minimum number factor. * The 6th type This includes Africans, African Americans and Australian aborigines – people with black skin, it is not susceptible to sunburn. Representatives of the sixth type can live without any protection. We strongly recommend only moisturizing creams and lotions. Nature Tan is ideal for all people belonging to the first four skin types, and members of the first three types is necessary.

Russian Ministry

Cell Phones (intensity – 40 mT) has been recommended that a single call up to 3 minutes. and maximize the time between conversations (at least 15 min.) Russian Ministry of Health recommends that children under 12 years pregnant women and to prohibit the use of cell phones. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here. Imagine: the human body was formed millions of years in the natural environment and with this medium, but now the situation has changed dramatically, and historically in a very short period of time. The human body can not withstand the impunity of such sharp changes in the state. Why electromagnetic radiation has such a detrimental effect on our body? The human body carries out its activities with the use of intra-and extracellular electromagnetic information. That is, we ourselves are the sources of electromagnetic radiation of very low intensity. Same low intensities of radiation have appliances. It is known that the information can be perceived power structures, characterized by the same radiation intensity.

Thus, using electromagnetic information cells in our bodies pass each other the most important, non-negotiable and orders. According to Pete Cashmore, who has experience with these questions. Having received such an order, the cell immediately reconstructs its work: it ceases to synthesize one begins to greater or lesser extent to make others. And if such an order cell are not always able to assess its feasibility. She is just like a soldier to work out the task. And now, only on moment, imagine what happens to a cell if it receives at the same time dozens of incompatible, contradictory instructions … That's right – Crash! Yes, because our cells react when we are a long time located in a space where several instruments are working, creating electromagnetic fields.