Schedule 2009 ready set the dates for the tours are available in the coming year now for the visit to the premises of iglo in Reken, and interested parties can immediately book the MuNSTERLAND tourism. During a tour of the company IASs in Reken visitors experience, which way the vegetables will continue until it is delivered deep frozen. The sustainable use of regional products in an otherwise global market is especially interesting. After a bus tour of the cultivation fields, follow the groups with a factory track along processing and have the opportunity to follow the many steps of preparation. More information is housed here: Zendesk. Of course, also a tasting is included. The guided tours take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from May 5 until August 26, 2009, at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Adults pay 11.50, children 5.00.

The lead for only 10.50 adults costs from 20 people. For more information see Page S. Gardner. Early booking is advisable due to the popularity of the factory tours.

Christmas Time

“” “O you happy: new portal experienced rush to there are also holidays over the holidays special offers: for every fantasy is something dark”, about ecstasy “up to the dream apartment”. The fling room provider from Berlin-Charlottenburg (Lustappartment) is done by the portal solution: “for Germany we expect attention to this topic. Especially since the page jump strongly is coming.” If the stress level rises before and over the holidays, men and women have different behavior: women focus on the family, men participate in the escape forward. But there are also exceptions. Alina de Almeida shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Over the holidays, there are at least 30% more visitors to Many come directly from a Christmas company party. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. “But also stressed couples take advantage of these opportunities: when the in-laws back and the House is packed with guests, even conservative spouses we take a break.” Also for Santas on the You have the appropriate transit asserts the provider.

The fling room Portal provides an overview of all providers and seekers in all Germany for the first time. And the visitors are also older couples who want to time what want to get special treat or the time away from family, unusual try out neighbors and children couples. Not only at Christmas time. Alina de Almeida has similar goals. The portal was the first of its kind and is unique in Germany. It gives an overview of all offers and provides professional, serious and discreet for all needs of undisturbed togetherness in whole Germany. The customers have the advantage of finding room locations in all Germany at a glance, without any need to browse through various forums or search the Internet for hours here. Also grade also is the map helpful in finding the closest site. And providers can present themselves here comfortably and easily.