Pastoral Council Parish

The participation of the groups will be a minimum of 50% of its members, and they will have to attend to all music tests required by the musical director, appointed for those dates. The basic rules, which have to be adjusted to all internal rules, groups are as follows:-licenses no longer than 3 months, justified by work, study, illness. -Permissions, only for 2 consecutive dates at Sunday masses. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dell and gain more knowledge.. -Trials, once a week. -Attendance control. Members who do not report or request this type of licenses and permits, and incur them, you shall be deemed as separate groups, and you can re-enter after assessment of the general representative, with the advice of the C.P. rience with these questions.

If necessary. Annex different choirs will be parish choirs to the extent that feel of the parish, and not of those who direct them. For this reason, persons who musically directed and represent these choirs, may not be owners thereof; they should be rather guide in the musical and spiritual training of the members of the groups that touch them guided groups corles not to participate in 2 main dates consecutively, will be considered out of this Ministry of song and animation and will not share in the E.C.P. since general representative may represent them. This attitude persist postal code can determine if they will continue using the parish halls, their activities, and their participation at Sunday masses.

Our Catholic Church does not impose anything, everything is proposed, and accepts freely; the discipline in this case, is necessary for the development of this wonderful pastoral work, and must also be freely accepted. That love that We feel by Jesus our Lord, not illuminated, strengthen, and anime in this great mission and pastoral work. Andres Arbulu Martinez. Member of the Pastoral Council.