Cargo Insurance Carrier Liability Insurance

Transport of goods is always accompanied by risk of damage, loss or theft. Taking goods to be transported, the carrier assumed the obligation to deliver the cargo to its destination intact. However, the transport sometimes subjected to load, or damage to or destruction. Based on the requirements to provide protection during transportation of cargo insurers offer several options for insurance – insurance of goods and insurance carrier's liability. Others including Robotics, offer their opinions as well. Currently, the main problem in the market of cargo insurance and liability of carriers – this is traditional for Russia hope the owners of cargo and transport companies at random. Many cargo owners are hoping that there is nothing to be transported values will not happen, and if it happens, the damage to reimburse the carrier. Indeed, according to law the carrier is liable for the cargo and its damage or loss is liable for compensation. However, very often the carriers simply can not afford pogascheniya damage.

Damage to the goods in case of force majeure on strike the cargo owner even more so as the carrier is relieved from liability for uscher. However, it is worth noting that the rising cost of goods transported cargo are increasingly turning to insurance companies. In most This applies to importers, for whom the obligation to insure the goods may be provided by contract with a foreign supplier. On domestic routes has recently been almost always insure the transport expensive goods: consumer electronics, food goods, alcohol and cosmetics. As insurers are the most larger manufacturers. The second direction of 'transport' insurance – insurance carrier's liability. It is to compensate all the losses which occurred directly through the fault of the company performing the delivery. In this case, the company that owned at the time of shipping the goods may claim damages from the carrier, whom ultimately will pay the insurance company.

But as it turned out, sometimes the owner of the goods can not be compensated for lost assets in full. However, liability insurance carrier – not a panacea. Consignees, signing a contract of transportation, suggested that if the treaty establishes the liability of the carrier for all the period transportation and at the same time the carrier has liability insurance, then nothing else should not worry. As they see it, the carrier is in full security and cargo owner in the accident will compensation in any case. Indeed, road transport companies are responsible for the safety of cargo from the time the goods were taken to the time of the consignee, unless they can prove that the loss, damage, death occurred due to circumstances they could not prevent. That is, transportation agencies are responsible for the accident to the cargo only if their guilt is proved. The presence of liability insurance policy the carrier still does not guarantee the cargo owner to recover damages in full: the insurance company will pay for shipping errors only within the limit of liability. In this case, the insurance company does not cover damage, occurred as a result of the disaster. Therefore, if the cargo before the question is to insure the shipment or to rely on the carrier's liability – cargo owner, choosing a more complete protection the cargo must choose freight insurance.