Oriental Cuisine

Oriental cuisine today comes on the metropolitan and regional food and drinks, offering all sorts of exotic dishes and methods of their preparation. And one of the lures for visitors – food cooked in a tandoor. Especially tandoor relevant institutions in the eastern and exotic style with not only space but also a veranda with a green courtyard. Everyone knows that food prepared in the open air, and even on the open fire – a special taste and aroma. Connect with other leaders such as Neil Cole Iconix here. The food is cooked in a tandoor – the most healthy and useful! Judge for yourself: the products are in the tandoor juicy, they are stored vitamins and minerals, is that you can easily check if you try the food prepared in tandoor.

In the tandoor can cook the most delicate barbecue, bake the whole bird, fish, game. The meat in the tandoor prepared at high temperatures, and quickly get juicier and tastier than traditional roasting on the grill, and most importantly it lacks the red-hot oil, so injurious to health. This oven can easily cope with goose and cook ham or shin and did not make any problems. In India, the cook, "Chicken tandoori" chicken in a special way is cut into pieces, sprinkled with plenty of chili pepper and salt, marinated for several hours in a sauce of yogurt and various spices, then cooked on high heat in a tandoor. Uzbeks prefer to bake in fresh tandoor lamb. Especially for salting and flavored with spices carcass is hung in the oven on special hooks, tightly cover, obscure clay or dough, and smoked on spruce branches for five hours. .