SLR Camera

EOS 500D model from the company Canon – a compact digital SLR camera amateur class with a 3-inch LCD display, which has greater functionality. 500D camera is equipped with CMOS-sensor with a resolution of 15.1 megapixels, providing excellent quality of the images. High Sensitivity makes it comfortable to shoot even in complete darkness. Model 500D also provides the ability to shoot video in a format HD 1080P. Camera Canon 500D is designed to occupy a leading position in the segment of consumer-grade digital SLR cameras. Matrix, the processor, optical digital SLR camera Canon 500D is equipped with 15-megapixel CMOS-matrix. Sensor are of high quality output and offers wide-shot photos of preparations for the smallest detail.

Despite such a high resolution camera for the amateur class, the level of "noise" is quite acceptable level. In this case, the photographer can choose independently the degree of suppression of noise CMOS-sensor in any light. In addition to high conductive properties of the matrix, it is equipped with a special system treatment, allowing "shake" microparticles from the surface. Light sensitivity range cameras 500D – from 100 to 3200 ISO, but if necessary can be increased to values up to ISO 6400 or ISO 12800. High quality and fast shooting provides the latest graphics processor DIGIC 4, which is used in many digital cameras by Canon. 14-bit processing allows to obtain natural images with natural color rendition. Thanks to the DIGIC 4 processor becomes possible excellent performance cameras and also lower power consumption. DIGIC 4 processor provides high-speed continuous shooting up to 3.4 fps with a maximum length of 170 Series frames as JPEG.

Professor Richard Vaisman

This work was financed by Leverhulme Trust, and was conducted by Professor Richard Vaisman, in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Smith (Matthew Smith) and Peter Harris (Peter Harris). Professor Wiseman has continued this work independently, identified four basic principle used by the lucky people. It develops methods that allow us to enhance your own luck. To study were attracted hundreds of exceptionally lucky and unlucky people used various techniques, including psychometric questionnaires, laboratory experiments and extensive interviewing. Source: Ali Partovi. All in order to better understand the psychology of luck.

The results show that not lucky born. The lucky ones themselves without realizing it, use the four basic principles, which are the key to their prosperity. " At this interrupt quoting the description and give a word the professor himself. Here's what he told BBC News: 'Ten years ago I began to explore the luck – I wanted to know why some people are always at the right time in the right place, and others have consistently failed. I placed advertisements in national newspapers and asked people who feel themselves lucky or unlucky, contact me. Hundreds of extraordinary men and women responded to my request, and all these years, I interviewed them, watched over their lives and did so, that they participated in the experiments. In the online stores 232-page book of Professor costs about $ 45. As a result, it became clear that, although people do not understand why their luck, their welfare depends on thinking and behavior. Take, for example, random possibilities.