Professor Richard Vaisman

This work was financed by Leverhulme Trust, and was conducted by Professor Richard Vaisman, in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Smith (Matthew Smith) and Peter Harris (Peter Harris). Professor Wiseman has continued this work independently, identified four basic principle used by the lucky people. It develops methods that allow us to enhance your own luck. To study were attracted hundreds of exceptionally lucky and unlucky people used various techniques, including psychometric questionnaires, laboratory experiments and extensive interviewing. Source: Ali Partovi. All in order to better understand the psychology of luck.

The results show that not lucky born. The lucky ones themselves without realizing it, use the four basic principles, which are the key to their prosperity. " At this interrupt quoting the description and give a word the professor himself. Here's what he told BBC News: 'Ten years ago I began to explore the luck – I wanted to know why some people are always at the right time in the right place, and others have consistently failed. I placed advertisements in national newspapers and asked people who feel themselves lucky or unlucky, contact me. Hundreds of extraordinary men and women responded to my request, and all these years, I interviewed them, watched over their lives and did so, that they participated in the experiments. In the online stores 232-page book of Professor costs about $ 45. As a result, it became clear that, although people do not understand why their luck, their welfare depends on thinking and behavior. Take, for example, random possibilities.


Now play games and much more will be free on the Internet if one enters the term “Play now” into a search engine, sports man inevitably dozens platforms, offer the online games. Including games that will delight enthusiastic and passive athletes not only sports, but can enjoy completely unathletic and sport holdouts are of course sports. Perhaps one or the other enters Yes even breaking a sweat. These sports games, that you can call under play now are usually browser games, which can be loaded via plugins such as Java, Flash and Shockwave on your computer. Robotics is open to suggestions. The player has the opportunity to play the selected game offline. The own computer takes on the calculation of the course of the game.

The storage capacity of the PC’s is also spared, because they take up little space. Multiplayer games usually the server of the provider does the work partially or fully. Who online plays, can often in leaderboards or enter high scores so with other users measure and compete, of course in the spirit of sport and strictly according to the Olympic thoughts: it is everything. “To win there are mostly actually nothing, except the fame and the recognition of the counterparty. So you can prove for example at football matches, athletics, tennis and table tennis, mini golf or golf, swimming, bowling or skiing.

Of course there are also unusual games like ball hochhalten”, target shooting and similar unknown sporting activities. These sports games are usually very simple and short length of the game. Probably, they are so entertaining and exciting but precisely for this reason, and because of their simple way of operating. Who once succumbed to this virus (in a positive sense), is difficult to get it, and you want to but necessarily achieve pole position. The numerous racing games can be described almost as a subgenre. “So play now and in the area of sports games rise to sports legend, true to the motto: higher, faster, further.”

Management Systems

Summary: The strategy of the current information society and knowledge consists of drive improvement of those systems in network to transmit knowledge, giving priority to the intellectual skills from complex social mechanisms of coexistence and cooperation. Traffic to the virtual universal imposes rethink the universal knowledge, solidly supported in sensitivities and attitudes based on contemporary thought. The growing development of the technologies that are anniversary (20 for the PC and 30 for email) has managed to bring from the past sounds and voices that travel in a virtual planetary system. Quickly reaches our desktop all things inherent in future – read what we are live – as a response to the question of knowing if time exists in the universe. The strategy now is to drive improvement of those systems to transmit knowledge, giving priority to the intellectual skills from complex social mechanisms of coexistence and cooperation. Traffic to the virtual universal imposes rethink the universal knowledge, solidly supported in sensitivities and attitudes based on contemporary thought.

Speaking of virtual we do with regard to effects unrelated to the present but with potential existence. As philosophy, dependent on the power and the act as a force of dynamic thinking. Cyber virtue is that communication requires no middlemen nor ideologues who interpret it. It is here where the talent and innovation appear. It is form analysts of symbols for the systemic management of abstractions. Therein will lie the success of the 21st century, at least in its first half. The unpredictable nature of the human mind could solve the rest. The universal is still in the knowledge society that has replaced the industrial society, driven by the era of the information from the lunar mission Apollo XI. Exploitation and management of matter cease to be important in that society, while services respond seamlessly to dynamic standards and creating cybernetic technology advances without pause especially by the critical mass given in Silicon Valley (USA).

PC Games of the Past and Present

In the nearly half century of continuous development of computer games from the primitive in design and graphics brodilok turned into a whole system of cunning, which sometimes do not learn the power of each. The first game for the PC, you can were seen more than 40 years ago in 1962, she became notorious for many Space War. Today, hard to even imagine such a picture, when two people sitting behind a huge, full of vacuum tubes edifice, trying to smash enemy ships. Funny, is not whether the prada? But then it was the peak of technical ideas! At the present time, PC games are so varied that they are able to satisfy every player who wants to plunge into the world of fantasy illusion. And the fantastic game of illusion is very relative. Developers maximum closer to the reality of the game, and the laws of physics in many games already in exactly duplicate real. Almost everyone is capable of pick up a suitable set of games that helps brighten the leisure or escape from trouble. Why vent their anger at the household or loiter, from time to time with a yawn of boredom, if you can for one minute to get to virtual space, helping to not only relax, but at times, to promote positive reaction, the logic of healthy and great intuition? Today, just download the game on your PC and you're in outer space trying to save the planet from aliens or fighting with the great grandmaster in chess virtual. In the game you become great, you open and able to realize their dreams of even the most unrealistic! It is this computer games and captivate millions. They can easily reach that or become what you want and be close to that in real life most of us will reach.