Calculating Cottage Value

According to the standards of the Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA 01/21/95 SRT) in the evaluation of the cost of a cottage by the cost approach is recommended to determine the sequence: The market value of the land on which the cottage is located, offered to rent the replacement cost to rent a cottage or a replacement cost value of the total accumulated depreciation cottage, supposed to rent the Market cost of a cottage-consuming method as the sum of the value of land and the replacement cost minus depreciation feature of the cost approach to the determination of the cost of understanding assessor differences between the replacement cost (the cost of reproduction), cottage and replacement cost. Replacement cost (the cost of reproduction) determined by the cost at current prices construction of an exact copy of the estimated cottage, which is expected to lease, using the same architectural and planning decisions, building structures and materials and with the same quality construction works that make up the structure and process. Replacement cost is determined by expenditure at current prices to build a cottage, which has a cottage with estimated equivalent utility, but built into the new architectural style with modern standards, materials, design and layout of process technology. In practice, the use of four basic ways to calculate the recovery value or replacement cost: The method of quantitative analysis of the cost of renting a cottage. Elementwise calculation method (method of accounting for the costs of the integrated design elements) the cost of renting a cottage. Method comparative unit rental cottage. The index method rental cottage.

1. The method of quantitative analysis of the cost of the cottage consists in estimating the cost of all work required for construction individual components of the object and the object in general 2. Elementwise way to calculate the cost of renting the cottage is a modification of the quantitative method, but it is much less labor-intensive, since it is based on the use of single and aggregated estimated cost ratios and costs of the cost of the cottage. As the unit cost of taking the most characteristic indicators of structural elements: 1 m3 1 m2 of brickwork roofing unit of process technology, etc. 3. The method of comparative unit cost of renting the cottage is based on comparing the unit cost of consumer properties of the cottages, which are going to rent to the cost of similar units of this model cottage. The essence of the method is that the estimated pick up the cottage cottage-analogue, similar to the cottage on the assessed characteristics, used materials and manufacturing technology. Then the cost per unit of measurement of the object-analogue (1m3, 1m2, etc.) is multiplied by the number of units valued. This is the simplest way to estimate the cost of renting a cottage and thanks to this widely used by the evaluators.