Fluorescence Design – What Is It ?

In recent years, interior designers have decorated residential and commercial premises with designed fluorescence light fixtures. Initially, the fluorescence (glowing) was positioned as a design element disco, disco-bar, entertainment centers, cinemas and other establishments of this kind. Widely used for decoration materials ice neon, fluorescent coatings V Cyber, black light lamps (BLB Lamp), Cyber Paint and Cyber variance. In the most expensive part of finishing the technology of Cyber variance. For example, the use of Cyber variance will cost the customer in half the cost, rather than use standard drywall.

In addition the variance has more features and sound insulation, which is important for the current situation with the density of rental space with your neighbors. And most importantly – in the dispersion of the fluorescence is already a point that will give your interior a futuristic look. To focus attention on any elements of the interior, apply Cyber paint in conjunction with fluorescence film (reflective or light-accumulating) Statement of black light in combination with the use of fluorescent coatings V Cyber – will give the room volume and isometry. In Las Vegas, trc Caesar Palace under the dome vaulted roofs were coated Sky (clouds) with their lighting on the perimeter. In the middle of the dome space were involved in white lights to create a impression of brightness in the center of the sky.

” As a result, when viewed from the top of the visitors the impression that only the overhead sky with clouds, and the roof is simply absent. Lighting Technologies: neon, ledneon (cold neon), Rope more commonly used in discos and cinemas. However, in major cities in the central avenues they can be seen on the facades of houses in the branches of trees in the windows Gradually, the fluorescence design gets in office style processing facilities. Of course, it’s his soft, “not flashy” version: pastel variance cold neon, invisible ink and “calm Cyber coverage In modern offices central to meeting your counterparts – retsepshen. Its design should highlight that it remains in the memory of the visitor a unique interesting place. The decoration of the company’s logo is necessarily present ledneon, and the walls are painted a soft beige dispersion silvery sheen, ceilings “rise” Light Cyber coatings “Clouds”. Thus, by using Cyber materials, you can get interesting fluorescence solutions for both the business premises of destination, and for the rest of the small money.


Transmit messages clear and naturally to entrepreneurs who are online is one of the factors that brings them to the success of their projects, is truth the techniques and methods used to expose what we are doing is important but the way in which we are exposing our message, the way in which we express ourselves is the essence of what we passexpressed another way, what you take our visitors or prospects of our business; and clear it they will depend on much more than sales obtained. Currently with the rise of social media, the presence of entrepreneurs both on Twitter as facebook becomes something forced and it is here where we need to pay special attention to the way that we communicate our message, in this article I want to share some tipts to make it in the best way possible and get the results that we hope:-Persuade without forcing: A correct message does not attempt to force readers to something that does not believe or do something you don’t want to do. When we publish our message must not forget the kindness, courtesy and give thanks; Let’s not use our messages, mainly at the beginning, for advertising or a direct sale; keep in mind that the first thing is to create a relationship with our friends or followers and then if, suggest, advise or show what you want to promote. -Touch: Refers to the correct choice of media, tools and strategies that we use to achieve our goal, we need to use different techniques to achieve merging social media with our voluntary subscription pages, for example; so that a visitor to our profile can opt to follow us and simultaneously also can be presented the option of subscribing to a particular Bulletin for later follow-up. -Confidence: the people to accept its recommendations you have to achieve gain its trust, working with a feeling and enthusiasm from catching.