Literally orthodontics means "straight teeth". Correction of malocclusion is important not only in the cosmetic aspect, but also to prevent the development of strain of dental system – both congenital and acquired. They can lead to various diseases and cause psychological problems that adversely affect human social life. Pathology bite aggravates during gum disease, provokes caries because of the impossibility of adequate hygiene, leading to rapid abrasion. Developing dysfunction of temporomandibular joint, any changes which are difficult to correct. Modern methods allow for orthodontic correction, including a full range of therapeutic, periodontal, orthopedic and surgical treatment of teeth, with excellent results in both children and adults.

Consultation with an orthodontist can be a child, starting with a 3-year-olds. We offer bite correction by means of modern removable orthodontic appliances for children under 12 years old. Children over 12 years and adults performed bite correction with non-removable orthodontic appliances (braces systems). The following bracket system you can choose in our clinic, depending on their type and price: metal, plastic, sapphire, combined, 'Damon' system. Many patients can not be solved but the orthodontic treatment of teeth due to the necessity of wearing a long 'ugly glands' on the teeth. However, modern braces look very carefully, and ceramic and sapphire brackets are hardly visible on the teeth and even give a special charm to the same in Europe and America, aesthetic dentistry (as it relates to treatment in braces) is considered a very prestigious and is even sign of affluence.