Ask the audience white handkerchief and holding it in his fist so that the ends dangle down the middle and leaning out out on the other hand a fist, you're assured the audience that with the help of magic you will not let shawl ignite. Of course people will not believe your certification, but it was not there, namely, you take a lighter to set fire to try and confidently scarf (shawl would be better that was made of natural fabric synthetic straight I said 'smells bad'). K your deepest amazement handkerchief slowly begins to burn. You apologize (doing well, very surprised face) to the audience, who took a handkerchief, failed to focus and promise to compensate for the loss. . Picking up a pair of scissors, you trim burnt part of the handkerchief and pushes the remnants of a fist. Rubbed between the palms and a few mumbled incantations (demostrativno), you unwrap a scarf completely and return it to spectators! For demonstration of this focus you need gum and a small square piece of white cloth.

Fold the corners together and tie a piece of gum. Fabric take the same shape as if you pulled out of the fist part clamped in It handkerchief. The other end of the elastic mount with a pin inside the sleeve. With free gum is not taut piece of fabric in the sleeve and not visible to spectators. Taking the viewer with a handkerchief, you are going to the table where are scissors and a lighter. During this time, you must have time to pull out a piece of tissue or hold it in and the same hand, which hold a handkerchief.

Taking a lighter and turned to the audience, keep your hand with a handkerchief so that the clenched fingers looked at you and the audience did not see natyanuvsheysya gum. Pull out a piece of tissue from the fist, the audience will think that this is part of the scarf. Now you can burn. Cutting off the burnt edges zatolknite tissue back into a fist. As long as you rub the cloth in hands and say the spell and release the remaining piece of cloth and rubber band to pull it back into the sleeve. Now you can return safe and sound shawl astonished spectator

Victory Day

"It is a joy, with tears in his eyes" – said about the Day of Victory poet. Indeed, in this day of joy and sorrow – next. Out of Russia family that war have been avoided. Because on this day every family to remember those who remained on the battlefields, and those who after the war, Peace life. And yet – those congratulating the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, who live today. And there are fewer, and the youngest soldiers of the last conscription – had already seventy years.

And many veterans are growing not only grandchildren but great-grandchildren. For many of today's kids the Great Patriotic War – is almost as far back as the war with Napoleon. And there on the Russian soil young people with swastikas. And some historians are beginning to argue that it would be if it had not blocked the way the Nazis, Soviet soldiers. And they reasoned, they just stood there until recently – in Brest and Stalingrad, Kursk and siege of Leningrad. Stood – and stood up. And those who did not take to the front, forged victory in the rear. Women, replacing the retired men who built the tanks and planes, plowed and sowed, and more – raising children, saving the country's future.

That is why the Day Victory – truly a national holiday. On this day, decided to visit on the ground fighting, the monuments of military glory, on the graves of fallen soldiers. Traditionally held here laying wreaths and flowers, meetings, celebrations the passage of troops.

Eugene Shidlovsky Group

Group "Kipelov" was born on September 1, 2002 after a split group "Aria" on the two teams. Former members of "Aria", namely vocalist Valery Kipelov, guitarist and drummer Sergey Terentyev, Alexander took Manyakin decision to create his own project called "Kipelov." The group were invited Sergei Mavrin (also at one time guitarist of "Aria") and bassist "Mauritius Alexey Kharkov. Manager Rina Lee and session keyboardist Eugene Shidlovsky also switched to "Kipelov." The band started in 2003, an active concert schedule. "Kipelov" traveled to Russia, playing mostly songs of "Aria", written by band members, as well as material from the 1997 album "Time of Troubles." Of particular popularity has earned the song "I'm free," as the primary "hit" group. A related site: Samsung mentions similar findings. Ballad led the hit parade "Chart Dozen" and MTV Russia top-20. In late 2003, left the group Sergey Terentyev, dissatisfied with the fact that "Kipelov" not started recording a new album. Sergey later founded the band "Artery". In his place, he was invited guitarist Andrey Golovanov (ex-"Legion").

In early 2004, comes the single "Babylon", recorded More from Terentyev and Mavrin, shoot a video for the song of the same name. In 2004, the group begins to perform some songs from the upcoming album. In the summer, "Kipelovo" hand over the prize MTV Russia as the best rock band of the year. Soon then leaves the group, Sergei Mavrin, decided to return to his group "Mavrik". In May 2004, for a concert tour and recording an album in the group was invited by the famous guitarist of the German group Rage Victor Smolski.