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A few days ago a friend I wonder that the difference there for him as a young man because there was no difference between a single mother and an unmarried woman. Happily I can’t answer your question since I have the experience of being a single mother and the truth is not so difficult to realize because a single MOM is very different in their way of thinking and seeing things, having a child makes you unconsciously put you in the background, i.e. that any decision you have to make thinking first about whether your child will be happy or if you; Obviously there are mothers that their need to fill space that left the father of the child is much more stronger than the love for his son, in these cases there is a history behind that then we’ll talk. A single woman without children have much more freedom in how to choose couple is treated, she will choose her future partner according to your requirements and desires, all of this focused on it; It also does not have any pressure to choose, i.e. that if at some point decides that the relationship does not work simply terminate it without problems; but in the case of single mothers we can do that because you’d be affecting the emotions of your son that this somehow there will be fond with your new partner in this case as mother can not take lightly begin or end a relationship that not only your feelings but also those of your son are involved and obviously no mother wants to see her son suffer. As for men who are approaching a single mother because 50% or more, are only wolves who want something easy, a single MOM for them is like a wounded prey that won’t get much resistance due to their vulnerability and need for affection, these unfortunates only want to take you to the hotel more they will close, then make you believe that they are your partner but you’ll actually have too many ornaments in your head; Unfortunately I did not have those experiences and I cannot give more details on the matter, but if I have had many friends who have experienced it and I can say that somehow they are blinded by these types, their need to fill that emptiness is so great that they do not see more than what they they say them, so great is his blindness who neither see the suffering of their children, does not seem so bad that they abused them and often even do not believe them when they tell them that they are being abused by that wretched. It is sad but it must be said. As you can see there is much difference between a single woman and a single mother and could continue mentioning them, but I think that now we have given us an idea enough clear.. Credit: Mashable-2011.

Network Marketing

Whichever times you have been united to a business opportunity and when you begin to construct your network, you manage to catch a great amount of people, but arrived the moment from the truth, they are very few the ones that really work. This is something very usual and that I believe that to everybody it happens to him. And the truth is that everybody this preparation not to work in the Network Marketing, and I go to darte 7 reasons here that I consider are of the main ones. 1. – The majority of the people does not have the sufficient persistence.

We like or no, to have a business online is to have a business " real". By all means no that there is to render accounts to him to no head, because your you are your own head. I have seen much people who have resigned to the project in which she worked because I do not make money in the first 30 days. Persistence is required. It is a real business, but with a smaller investment. It is necessary to maintain the persistence and the approach and to follow ahead. Many people cannot do it. 2.

– The majority of the people cannot handle to the rejection and the criticism. Sincerely the majority of the people enters this industry thinking that them sera very easy to make money. This is not truth. Time is needed to acquire the knowledge necessary to carry out a work that renders its fruits. Who does not know like prospecting, &quot is really going to receive many; no" when it presents/displays its opportunity of business, that finishes frustrating them. Much people cannot handle to be rejections and finish leaving her business, instead of to worry to acquire knowledge help that them to be effective. 3. – The majority of the people refuses to think about great.

Weapons Traditional Bo

In many parts of the world, especially in the East, pilgrims and monks used a long staff (Bo) to help walk and defend themselves against animals, attackers who attacked on the roads. Bo is a weapon in the form of long stick or pole, usually made of wood (oak, bamboo, etc.), Bo exist in various cultures, varying weight, length, flexibility and decoration. In Japan in particular, developed a style where used this type of weapon known as Bo-Jitsu. The word Bo is actually an abbreviation Rokushakubo refers to the baton of 1.80 cm. Although it meant Roku (six in Japanese), shaku a measure formerly used in Japan which is equivalent to 30 cm. therefore the rokushakubo means six shakus baton.

Bo is divided into three parts, the upper part is called TEN meaning heaven, half JIN, which means man and CHI bottom which means land the part. There are also variants which are somewhat shorter, 1.20 and 1.40 cm. before the second world war it was used by the Japanese police and became known as Jo. The practice of the Bo serves mainly for the development of the perfection of bodily movements; used in a pattern of circular motion, shocks and punctures are linear or angular, attacks to strokes of up-down, feet go open and hang Bo on high horizontal position, for lateral half of body blows, cane must be upright and punctures can occur with any of the tips. In the world there are several types of Bo; in India for example, known as Lathi its length is approximately 2.30 cm. and is used in Rotary techniques to keep away the enemy.

In China it is called Kuin and used most in Rotary techniques. In the islands of the Philippines there is a short 90 cm stick. Used one in each hand, which is known as Arnis of hand. In Thailand this Krabi-krabing which means sword and baton. France uses the Canne which means stick ride unlike other canes of different cultures that are used with both hands this is used with a single, and in Italy, this the Paranza or Sicilian cane craft, this combat discipline is remote 1200 years ago in which farmers, shepherds gave dual-use since it was your working tool also employed it to defend themselves against robbers and animals that violated against your livestock or crop, its management consisted of continuous circular motion called mills. In the Kenpo system the same way bo has evolved very promising at the same time, giving another type of tint a bit simplistic in their movements which would otherwise be discarded those aesthetic movements but without losing its effectiveness as a natural weapon, weapons are an extension of our own body. By Victor Fernando Banuelos and Prof. Mauricio Mendoza original author and source of the article

Odin God Pjalfi

One of the best-known passages in the prosaic age, the greatest source of Norse legend / mythology Norse, is the encounter between Thor, Loki and the servant who accompanied them, named Pjalfi, with the giant utgaroa-Loki (not confused with Loki the Lord of lies) and the challenges proposed by them. Pjalfi joined to Thor and Loki as payment to the damage caused to one of the beasts that pulled the carriage of Thor. The Dios de el Trueno had the ability to bring back life to animals, and often ate their own beasts of draught, collected their bones and returned them to life the next day. But wanted the destination this time Pjalfi broke through one of the freshly cooked animal bones, and when Thor the animal returned him to life was wounded. So, as already stated, the payment of Pjalfi was the become the servant of God. The three, Thor, Loki and Pjalfi come to the castle of the giant utgaroa-Loki, who receives them and leads them to a classroom, where takes beginning challenges. A few challenges peculiar, since they are the guests who propose tests. The first to accept that challenge is Loki, who says eat faster than anyone else.

The giant passes the open defiance of Loki to Logi, who devours the food, bones and even the wooden tray where they served food at an impressive speed, defeating Loki. The second in participating is Pjalfi, who claims to be very fast. The King invites you to accept the challenge to Hugi, who doubles in speed to the young. Thor is finally submitted. Thirsty as I was, says being able to drink more than anyone else.

The King therefore offers a horn, and says the son of Odin God that there were those who drank is the entire contents of the Horn in one gulp. Thor baby and baby and, however, despite their efforts, just gets the fluid level down a little. The giant King confesses his discontent, because they had assured him that Thor had no rival in any quest, and offers something different: asked to lift his cat from the ground. Thor tries making use of all your strength, but it just gets moved to the animal. Then the giant tells him to try beating an old woman who had already defeated many warriors in combat, and Thor, after presenting to the match, loses. After spending the night travellers are willing to leave. The giant accompanies them to the output. Then he confesses to Thor that he felt fear before its might, and tells him that they don’t have to feel shame, since he used magic tricks to defeat them; the Horn that Thor drank was connected to the oceans, and when he drank from the lowered the level of the oceans and the tides began. The cat was the serpent of Asgard that surrounds the world, and the powerful God managed to lift it into the air. And the old woman was indeed death, who had defeated countless warriors. The challenges of Loki and Pjalfi were also illusions, Logi was a representation of the fire that everything devours and el veloz Hugi, was actually thinking. Thor feels offended by this deception and decides to hit the giant with his magnificent hammer Mjolnir, but both the giant as the Castle fade, leaving the three travelers in the desert plain. Nahuel Gladish original author and source of the article