The Smooth Miracle

Seeing me so poor and so single, the dogs will come to bark me to the doors of the houses. Surely Jesus died and with Him he died, once again, all the hope of the sad ones. Pale and become weak, the boy murmured again: Mamita, I wanted to see a Jesus de Galilea! And suddenly, abriendo to the door, Jesus slowly smiling he said to them: " Here I am! " The Smooth Miracle left for the first time in " Modern magazine, in 1898. Its message, still, is present. He Still did His part being far, Jesus came and realised His commitment to serve to I appeal of a boy. Today, there are no more distances.

But, what has been this Planet but a young patient by centuries of belligerence? It is necessary to arrive at the almaolvidada one of the towns. Peace by the Internet, that partly is the altered nervous system of the technological society. Betinho and Emerson Dijo the unforgettable Betinho (1935-1997): " I cannot be happy before the human misery. The aim of the misery is not an utopia. And, so that we realise the utopia, nickname than we will conquer tomorrow, is urgent to understand like pragmatic reality this reflection of Ralph Emerson (1803-1882): " the generous hearts constantly radiate the mysterious forces that, incessantly, bring about great events. Like conclusion, this affirmation of Jesus: " Everything is possible for which it creates (Gospel, according to Marks, 9:23). And it is thus! That they say those to it that knew to perseverar until the aim. Original author and source of the article