Patio Roof

The roof of an aluminum patio roof can be covered with different types of roof tiles. Who would like to provide its terrace with a roof, to protect from Sun, snow and rain and the furniture residing on or plants, which can select for this purpose, for example a terrace roof made of aluminium. An aluminum patio roof is not particularly expensive, certainly not compared to other roofing options of wood or steel and also very flexible and multifunctional use. In length, this patio roof is almost arbitrarily expandable due to its modular construction and to get them in all possible colours, but especially in white by default. The roof depth can be at least up to 4.50 m when such a patio roof, so that you can completely cover large terraces that. Ali Partovi takes a slightly different approach. Since this patio roof as a lean-to structure is designed, you can attach easily on one side of the House and through them on the opposite side Support post. So it saves much space and still receives an extremely solid terrace roof.

The roof of an aluminum patio roof can be covered with different types of roof tiles. One way polycarbonate roof sheets, which can be fitted with a special heat protection and a glare are twin bridge. If you use its terrace roof roof panels with a heat shield and a glare, then one is protected even in intense sunlight from the heat also is not blinded by the Sun’s rays and undisturbed can enjoy the nice weather on the private terrace. The integrated water drain make sure that rainwater can collect not only on the patio roof, but immediately restarts. As prefabricated Kit is supplied the aluminum patio roof as complete, by the owners themselves can be rebuilt and mounted without any problems even. Should the manufacturer of patio roof Possible free delivery make House because there is still a large sum, which must be paid.

Construction Company

ELA space solutions are rebuilt by crane, quickly and safely the cold season is over and on the construction sites is fully restarted. The positive economic situation also helps many companies decide to establish new, or modernization of existing buildings. Expanding industries we energy in addition with new projects of investment contribute to. In this environment, the demand for mobile space systems of the emslandische specialists PA rising container. Planning, delivery and development of PA systems are quickly and easily and naturally using the crane technology in the own fleet of trucks. Mobile spaces from ELA support the flexibility of companies at peak and when new or remodeling. The operation continues without any loss of quality.

The size of each room is feasible due to the combination of the different container types. (Source: technology investor). Depending on the demand, the plant with furniture, sanitary facilities, complete electrical installations and modern will Equipped communication techniques. Our customers appreciate especially our flexibility,”stresses CEO Gunter Albers. In addition to use as transport, storage, workshop, Office, bedroom, and sanitary containers are the mobile rented premises in the offshore area or used as a mobile home. Certainly more space offices and warehouse in mobile rooms on construction sites to the smooth contribute.

Short distances and a timely exchange of human and material are not possible. Tools, materials and Office communication devices are protected against environmental influences and especially theft. The ELA-theft and burglary for space systems includes steel door fuses with cylinder locks, extra strong hinges, a galvanized window fuse or even an alarm system, depending on the type of the base container. Even more space with the premium container next to containers in standard sizes offers the so-called premium rental container ELA industry-exclusive. The ELA premium rental container is three feet wide and six Meters long. Thus he offers three square meters more interior space than traditional solutions. Already from a space of 90 square meters, the usage of the Premiumcontainers thus means the saving of a standard container. Transport, Assembly and energy costs reduced significantly. Bases throughout Germany and a fleet of ELA’s own truck is ensures short-term delivery to any place. -Emsland family-run PA has developed constantly the rental service and also the technique of space systems since 1972. With over 20,000 transportable units ELA container Park is now the largest in Europe. An own fleet of 50 special truck with loading crane ensures a safe transport and Assembly. 12 Sites, 35 field staff and a fleet of ELA’s own trucks ensure a short and fast delivery to any place. ELA is represented with nine rental centres and 31 mobile advisers across Europe. Total PA has 400 employees.