Issues with Saving Files

In that file type the location of the photo and all the data you want or we can add to that is documented. But now we another problem. All documentation is stored in one file. This means that the documentation of thousands of images is collected in a single file. yQue if that single file is lost, corrupted, accidentally erased, format the hard drive? Quite simply, we lose all the photos and documentation of all the hours you’ve dedicated to this work.

Also to be linked to the various files that are the pictures, the change of location from outside the programs themselves, for example change the pictures folder, the documents will also be lost without possibility of recovering it. So we generate too much information that depends on a single file. Photo files, we can lose or damage some, all or part, but the more files are, the harder it is to lose everything, but this file, if you lose, you lose all that documentation and would have to start again from scratch. The solution given to this problem is to NOT use this type of solution to document our photos. (A valuable related resource: Michael Dell). Unless we are extremely careful in preserving both your backup file backup and care necessary to avoid losing or damaging data. Well as a comprehensive monitoring of possible changes of location. Or find a solution to writing documentation in each of the photos. That is, not dependent on that single file, but take your photo and put documentation which make this photo, go to the documentation provided with it.

For this second option is there a solution that can be very useful if you have the right tools. All digital photography is a type of data collected in each of which specifies the characteristics of the photo as date, time, camera that is made, as well as information relating to how the photo was taken. This is known as EXIF data and the photo is his own. The solution I propose is to write the documentation in the EXIF data to always accompany the photo. These data can be viewed by different viewers in the market, many of them freeware and can be searched. It is a very open solution since few programs allow you to write a comment field of the pictures but is very reliable. And as an addition to the previous solution if we are talking to document thousands of photos, we should look for a program that can export these documents, linked to a file name and write it in the EXIF data without having to travel writing in the photo one by one like fields if only to differentiate the other picture taken in similar circumstances. It is not easy but can be done in following writings describe some solutions on the market on this issue.