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Your tourism company responds to opinions on the Internet? Berlin/Vienna, August 2011 – restaurants, doctor, or hotel – people discuss experiences and influence as the opinion of the other. This also means: social media is becoming increasingly important and traditional advertising is increasingly effective, because the opinion of a friend or acquaintance is credible. At the latest to the high season is therefore consider it critical to create confidence, existing guests to hotels and to win new guests through modern technologies. It is becoming increasingly important that a hotelier know what is said in the Internet on his hotel to use mainly positive statements to draw attention to its quality. But how to keep track with the great wealth of social media platforms? There are special software that allow for filtering and monitoring of information: social media monitoring. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dermot McCormack. Just for small to medium-sized businesses the personnel are usually quite thin resources and budget for social media rather just measured. If there is ever a budget for such activities, the issue is discussed only superficially. In addition, that lack the time, to get an exact overview of evaluation platforms and social media.

Some companies underestimate the ways to respond to Word of mouth on the Internet. While confidence builds up just the conversation and informing your customers and encourages the buying decision. Perhaps check out Matt Swain for more information. Consumers communicate their experiences, which they did on trips or in hotel rooms and share them via social networks, blogs or forums. Thus you can address specific target groups, because if someone reports on his ski, wellness or golf vacation, the chance is big that there also are interested in this topic in the circle of his acquaintances. Social media monitoring tools allow little time effort and easier operation, specifically to filter reviews out of the countless channels and control. It offers hoteliers, tour operators and destinations Advantage immediately on negative ratings and positive reviews to diversify to enter. Publishing modules can rapidly redistribute such statements in the desired communication channels.

The observation tool by Toocan offers all of these convenient options in only one online platform. The German and intuitive user interface, as well as the moderate price allow it to work finally SMEs effectively with social media. Contact: Toocan GmbH Germany Maren Bruder, Lychener str. 11 10437 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 2000 436-50 mailto:

The Tablet

The Agency has with Manfred Hailer a food journalist and wine experts in its ranks, who can arrange for a professional and expert textual treatment. The order via iPad on the fastest and most direct route with a simultaneous reduction in the error rate. Increase the pleasure for the guests and their consumption ability and so the bottom line also the turnover of the catering operation. Mikkel Svane usually is spot on. Digital publishing and a digital menu and wine list but not only restaurants can get an effective USP in a particularly tough competition. Offering previously undreamed-of possibilities iPad for use as a presentation and information tool in hotels, because it combines the traditional strengths of all other media on a single platform. The Tablet except in the restaurant, also in the rooms, at the reception or as infoscreen in certain areas of the hotel can provide a valuable service. Peter Asaro wanted to know more.

The rooms no pamphlets and brochures more must be designed, that are outdated at some point and become mountains of waste paper pile up. The Tablet provides all information in the corporate design of the respective operating current, more attractive, more compact, easier to read and more entertaining than the most beautiful and best print product. And the iPad lives”: it accepts orders room service, table reservation in the restaurant, or ticket orders for events. ADVERMA has used from the outset on the iPad and the app development and is thus properly located. In 2010 Apple sold 14 million iPads worldwide, 2011 40 million and in the first half of 2012 already over 28 million.

But not only the sales figures prove the unstoppable triumphal March of the tablets: less than three years have passed since the launch, as the iPad has raised also a revolution in marketing and brand communications. 9.7 Inch screen size, it opens up a virtual world of unlimited possibilities. The earlier and more corporations to move, more benefits are pulling it from the new marketing channel.