Tips For Being A Friend Of The Former Couple

Tips to be friend of the former couple is says there is one step from love to hate and love the friendship, a chasm. But it does not have to be always the case. Get to be good friends of old couples is not mission impossible, in fact, many have managed to work better as friends than as a couple. Everything will depend on the foundations on which was built the relationship, mode of rupture and the maturity of both, said the psychologist Francisco Segovia area woman. pursues this goal as well. Well, if they were friends before becoming a couple, already is now 95% of the walked path to achieve that friendship stays. Perhaps not with such deep roots such as at the beginning, because any rupture always manages to damage the foundations of the relationship.

That time passes to pretend go from love to friendship in one day is a serious mistake. In a break there is always pain, more so when the decision has been made unilaterally. Calls without a break may only overwhelm and confuse. The best thing is to implement the strategy of retreat, to be able to reach an agreement, comments the psychologist Francisco Segovia to ZM. Your former partner is not your property one of the aspects that most costs to overcome when occurs a couple breaking is to assume that the other party can enjoy intimacy with other people. The sense of possession takes longer to disappear that love, therefore, when this happens the feeling can transform into friendship.

Lives the adaptation after the breakup, all ex-partners need to understand that they are no longer such for which. And the adaptation period is the best ally to get pass the love of friendship, if there are good intentions on both sides. That is, provided the separation has not been so traumatic that it has managed to cancel any feelings of love or affection, expresses the psychologist Maria de la Luz Perez.


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